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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lawrence Taylor joins Jeffrey Epstein as Sex Offender how they and Mel Gibson are protected because of wealth and Misogyny USA

When rich men abuse women they get to plead no contest.  Welcome to USA.  Mel Gibson verbal and physically beat up his than girlfriend, the mother of his baby and he gets to plead no contest and the victim is not allowed to use this in court against him again in the USA.  Welcome to a country where the laws protect men that are violent towards women.

The laws also protect the rich, celebrities and politically connected criminals.

Jeff Epstein a billionaire who refuses to declare NYC as his own although he owns one of the largest homes and made his fortune here gets to legally rob the USA of taxes by shunting money around and declaring the Virgin Islands as his home aka tax shelter.

Lawrence Taylor says prostitutes is the oldest profession.  I  would remind him that men as well as women are sex workers but globally like his young victim there is often violence and other factors so disturbing and like Epstein and his small amount of supporters that say Epstein is innocent -- we know monstrous misogynists and that includes female club members blame the victim.  Welcome to Misogyny 101.

Mel Gibson would have worked for Adolf Hitler if he was a middle aged drunk during that era or at least have been a Nazi concentration camp prison guard.   He is filled with hate mostly his own directed on innocent people because that is how he gets a vacation from his own self hate.

Well Lawrence Taylor will join Epstein on the free app for Sex Offenders and we need a new Ap for celebrity offenders -- the racist  women beater drunk drug fueled AP were people can thank their lucky stars that so far they haven’t killed someone behind the wheel and Lindsay Lohn can join that Ap...you don’t have to fulfill all the requirements but has she roughed up any gals?