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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Howard Stern denigrates women comes clean on SEX

When I had these 7 dollar an hour jobs as receptionist I would keep my walkman on my desk and listen to Howard Stern and company as best as could from the earphone laying on my desk.  It was the only way to cope with such a thankless job that required little to no brain power.

Howard spoke the truth about issues when no one else had courage like stating even if there was video footage of OJ murdering Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman OJ would have gone free or something like that.   I will never forget the people jumping up and down with joy when that cowardly sicko murderer went free.

But I was always repulsed by how he treated women on the show.  I knew it came from his low, low self esteem.  He begins to admit it in the smallest of ways but not really in today’s article about using sex to cope.  He can’t allow himself to go there -- why he has greatly harmed women and it was for a similar reason in terms of coping but with his own self hatred and self disapproval, self rejection elaborately and clearly packaged and projected on women.  Howard felt so powerless and judging and weighing women gave this very unattractive man a sense of terrific power over women that were far better looking than he.

How cares about looks.  Apparently most everybody but looks like life are very temporary.

Howards first wife Alison married Howard for one reason and one reason only TRUE LOVE.  Alison was and is a beautiful person and good soul.    

It is very nice that wife number two does her share to help animals but there is no way in hell should would have ever married Howard if she had met him minus his money like Alison did and Alison put up with hell and stood by him through thick and thin especially through the rough times.

Who cares.  When Alison left so did I.  I did listen to Howard’s show a few times on Sirrius and I thought it was awful.  What made Howard great was when he could not say what he wanted but found a way to say it anyway.

It is too bad that he has only come far enough to wake-up and own up to just one “small inch” of the truth.  I guess his male audience wouldn’t like it if he owned up the some real ugly truths.

Mean while women are beaten, raped and  murdered here in NY at a staggering rate and around the world.  I have two youtube you might be interested in including why it is heinous that NYU hired Dave Paterson.....

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