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Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube https://www.youtub...

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bloomberg SAIC CityTime Gartner Mark Page Glenn Hutchins king Mike’s Culture of Rewarded Failure at the NY Tax Payer’s Expense by Suzannah B. Troy

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 "One pivotal moment occurred in 2004, with the retirement of Richard R. Valcich, who, as the payroll office’s executive director, had accused SAIC of delaying the project to get paid more, and failing to meet industry standards. He was succeeded by Joel Bondy, who had been recommended by Mr. Page, according to several people."

1) Why didn’t Gartner report CityTime as a failed project when it ballooned more than 100 percent ?

Yet Juan Gonzalez way before this article proved Valchich reported  SAIC - CityTime  as early as 2002, yet Gartner never reported SAIC and CityTime when it was failing and above we see Richard R. Valchich (a hero in my mind) did do something about it while no in a position of power in NYC gov that could have done something actually stopped it.

See Richard Valchich’s actual letter   http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2011/03/see-actual-letter-whistle-blower.html

The many consultants from so many different companies and for different systems and issues kept billing wildly excessively of course for CityTime and no one thought that odd?

2) As Sally Goldenberg exposed Gartner  in her article “Kick Backs” Gartner rather than blows the whistle on Spherion agreed to pay them 20 percent on anything they billed which is called extortion.

So much for quality assurance and why would Gartner speak up since Gartner has made what a hundred million off of the city of New York in various agencies?

The acted like Mafia but you call this White Collar crime and to date SAIC & Gartner  remains protected and in my opinion there is a cover-up for both -- calling “corporate interest” or greed but Mark Page and Michael Bloomberg continue to insult the people of New York by pushing CityTime like it is heroin and they are drug king pins!

Mike Bloomberg has rewarded Gartner and Saic and these consultants from various companies for failure.  Bloomberg has reward a culture of failure.  The consultants had free reign to bill excessively and on flawed projects even prospering from the purposeful inefficiently that promoted embezzlement.
A striking contrast from how Mike Bloomberg runs his private empire.  Bloomberg and his puppet Christine Quinn sold the lie we need Mike for a third term when in fact Bloomberg’s culture of failure has made his pals and their consultants very wealthy at the great harm and expense of the People of New York.
Shame on you Mike Bloomberg and Mark Page, you both belong in jail!

The real reason Rupert Murdoch’s thugs banned me: Glenn Hutchins owns Garnter!
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