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Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube

Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube https://www.youtub...

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Wikipedia Page Suzannah B. Troy 6 yrs after Misogynist Cyber Vandalism, Censorship via Deletion on a page about Censorship, Bloomberg 3rd term, NYPD Rape Cops Joe Tacopina etc. Wikipedia Agrees to return PDF before Cyber Vandalism and Deletion


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Unfollow Charlie Sheen -- a group of people against domestic abusers

Unfollow Charlie

A group of girls (and guys) who are fed up with the unspoken and *loudly* spoken approval of repeat domestic abusers like Charlie Sheen.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Bloomberg Rewards Culture of Failure w/ Billions Tax Payer $ Rupert Murdoch ACLU The NY Post Censorship

Do you think Mike Bloomberg, Rupert Murdoch and editors from The New York Post would like to join me, Norman Siegel and ACLU representatives on National Television to discuss why I was banned from The New York Post for alleged self promotion.   

We can flash my comments up on the screen like referring readers to Aram Roston’s article “Inside the Secret Campaign of Mike Bloomberg” where he reports Bloomberg funneled money to Haggerty two elections in a  row.

We can look at my latest on criticizing The New York Post for not following up on Sally Goldenberg’s piece “Kick Backs” which exposes Gartner’s role in “quality control” of Spherion.  My question why didn’t Gartner go to the US Attorney and reported being extorted rather than go along with the 20 percent fee they were told to pay by Spherion which amounts in my book to extortion.  Being that Gartner charges a steep fee like Spherion consultants they did not care as long as they billed “BigTime” on “CityTime” The Tax Payers Titanic”.

Is this why I was really banned?

Board of Directors -- Partnership for New York City

Associated Partners, LP, K. Rupert Murdoch Chairman & CEO News Corporation. Jeffrey L. Bewkes ... Glenn H. Hutchins Co-CEO Silver Lake, Mary Ann Tighe ...
www.pfnyc.org/bod.html - Cached

I have a series of postings that are worth checking out  

Also note my YouTube account was attacked by Mike Bloomberg’s cyber stalking sock puppet accounts and my channel was removed before the election.
An activist made a wiki page on this censorship and it was attacked by cyber stalking
thugs.  The wiki editor suspended two sock puppet accounts but did remove my page because I was not validated enough by main stream media.  The same media that refused to report
that Mike Bloomberg was booed non-stop with screams of Tammany Hall at the 100
year Anniversary of The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory an indicator that Bloomberg’s third term is mired in corruption like Ed Koch’s and the people of New York are very angry!

That is pretty significant news to not report.  The New York Post, The New York Daily News and The New York Times refused to report Bloomberg being booed and jeered.
This link will be added to the Wiki page that one day will be returned and truly to me personally it is disgusting on Wiki’s part as well.  

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bloomberg SAIC CityTime Gartner Mark Page Glenn Hutchins king Mike’s Culture of Rewarded Failure at the NY Tax Payer’s Expense by Suzannah B. Troy

Joel Bondy is being represented by: Guy Petrillo @ http://www.petrilloklein.com/guy-petrillo.html
Mark Mazer is being represented by:  Gerald Shargel @ http://www.shargellaw.com/

 "One pivotal moment occurred in 2004, with the retirement of Richard R. Valcich, who, as the payroll office’s executive director, had accused SAIC of delaying the project to get paid more, and failing to meet industry standards. He was succeeded by Joel Bondy, who had been recommended by Mr. Page, according to several people."

1) Why didn’t Gartner report CityTime as a failed project when it ballooned more than 100 percent ?

Yet Juan Gonzalez way before this article proved Valchich reported  SAIC - CityTime  as early as 2002, yet Gartner never reported SAIC and CityTime when it was failing and above we see Richard R. Valchich (a hero in my mind) did do something about it while no in a position of power in NYC gov that could have done something actually stopped it.

See Richard Valchich’s actual letter   http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2011/03/see-actual-letter-whistle-blower.html

The many consultants from so many different companies and for different systems and issues kept billing wildly excessively of course for CityTime and no one thought that odd?

2) As Sally Goldenberg exposed Gartner  in her article “Kick Backs” Gartner rather than blows the whistle on Spherion agreed to pay them 20 percent on anything they billed which is called extortion.

So much for quality assurance and why would Gartner speak up since Gartner has made what a hundred million off of the city of New York in various agencies?

The acted like Mafia but you call this White Collar crime and to date SAIC & Gartner  remains protected and in my opinion there is a cover-up for both -- calling “corporate interest” or greed but Mark Page and Michael Bloomberg continue to insult the people of New York by pushing CityTime like it is heroin and they are drug king pins!

Mike Bloomberg has rewarded Gartner and Saic and these consultants from various companies for failure.  Bloomberg has reward a culture of failure.  The consultants had free reign to bill excessively and on flawed projects even prospering from the purposeful inefficiently that promoted embezzlement.
A striking contrast from how Mike Bloomberg runs his private empire.  Bloomberg and his puppet Christine Quinn sold the lie we need Mike for a third term when in fact Bloomberg’s culture of failure has made his pals and their consultants very wealthy at the great harm and expense of the People of New York.
Shame on you Mike Bloomberg and Mark Page, you both belong in jail!

The real reason Rupert Murdoch’s thugs banned me: Glenn Hutchins owns Garnter!
Associated Partners, LP, K. Rupert Murdoch Chairman & CEO News Corporation. Jeffrey L. Bewkes ... Glenn H. Hutchins Co-CEO Silver Lake, Mary Ann Tighe ...
www.pfnyc.org/bod.html - Cached

Rupert Murdoch Glen H. Hutchins Mike Bloomberg Why Suzannah B. Troy is banned from The NY Post as a commentor + why the Post refused to report Mike was booed relentlessly Triangle Shirt Factory 100 year Memorial!

Rupert Murdoch Glenn H. Hutchins Mike Bloomberg Why Suzannah B. Troy is banned from The NY Post as a commentor + why the Post refused to report Mike was booed relentlessly Triangle Shirt Factory 100 year Memorial!

Board of Directors -- Partnership for New York City

Associated Partners, LP, K. Rupert Murdoch Chairman & CEO News Corporation. Jeffrey L. Bewkes ... Glenn H. Hutchins Co-CEO Silver Lake, Mary Ann Tighe ...
www.pfnyc.org/bod.html - Cached

Rupert Murdoch the king of self promotion of his mega-global media empire has banned a New York City artist, Suzannah B. Troy for being a self promoter while he allows Racist including anti-Semitic, Misogynist comments on The New York Post but Suzannah B. Troy who happens to be wondering why Gartner owned by Glenn H. Hutchins as not punished and fired for agreeing to give Spherion a 20 percent fee on hours billed as exposed by Sally Goldenberg http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/kickback_in_time_EEERD1eWacAYAmM9wWAsMN
The 2nd time I was banned from commenting was when the editors had to report on the 80 million dollar theft by Spherion consultants and gee whiz no one in NYC gov from Mark Page to Gartner paid to do quality control on Spherion caught wind of the stealing.

When Spherion pitched the 20 percent “deal” to Gartner -- Gartner had one choice only and that was to report Spherion for what sure sounds like extortion to me and Gartner did not.  Gartner should have refused to do business with Spherion!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Imette St. Guillen Will Drop 100 million $ suit to have tracking system of people on probation named after her. Her rapist murderer was on probation welcome to NYC

1) We just had NYC jurors let a rapist go who had a record for breaking in to apartments because they refused to believe the victim.  Why?  I believe the answer is prejudice.  The way women are seen and judged and often even more harshly by “fellow women”.

The stories go on and on and they are all true.  The most recent NYPD officer to die in the line of duty was killed by someone with a long list of criminal offenses but was out on the street.

2) As usual this monster I recall said he was innocent as all abusers tend to say they are and most blame the victim.

Remember Jennifer Moore under age and drinking in Chelsea was brutally raped and murdered as well and they monster even had help from his girlfriend if I recall correctly.

Welcome to Misogynist NYC and often these monsters are out there on the street.  Even when caught it is hard to get them put behind bars and keep them there.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lawrence Taylor joins Jeffrey Epstein as Sex Offender how they and Mel Gibson are protected because of wealth and Misogyny USA

When rich men abuse women they get to plead no contest.  Welcome to USA.  Mel Gibson verbal and physically beat up his than girlfriend, the mother of his baby and he gets to plead no contest and the victim is not allowed to use this in court against him again in the USA.  Welcome to a country where the laws protect men that are violent towards women.

The laws also protect the rich, celebrities and politically connected criminals.

Jeff Epstein a billionaire who refuses to declare NYC as his own although he owns one of the largest homes and made his fortune here gets to legally rob the USA of taxes by shunting money around and declaring the Virgin Islands as his home aka tax shelter.

Lawrence Taylor says prostitutes is the oldest profession.  I  would remind him that men as well as women are sex workers but globally like his young victim there is often violence and other factors so disturbing and like Epstein and his small amount of supporters that say Epstein is innocent -- we know monstrous misogynists and that includes female club members blame the victim.  Welcome to Misogyny 101.

Mel Gibson would have worked for Adolf Hitler if he was a middle aged drunk during that era or at least have been a Nazi concentration camp prison guard.   He is filled with hate mostly his own directed on innocent people because that is how he gets a vacation from his own self hate.

Well Lawrence Taylor will join Epstein on the free app for Sex Offenders and we need a new Ap for celebrity offenders -- the racist  women beater drunk drug fueled AP were people can thank their lucky stars that so far they haven’t killed someone behind the wheel and Lindsay Lohn can join that Ap...you don’t have to fulfill all the requirements but has she roughed up any gals?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chris Brown has Violent Outburst Breaks Glass Window NO ARREST


Brown who roughed up Rihanna didn’t appreciate the line of question while being interviewed on Good Morning America.  Lucky for him there were no police around.  Oh he is a celebrity....so it wouldn’t have mattered.  Well lucky for him no one was killed by the broken glass that fell out on to Broadway.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Murdered Victim Tina Adovasio family heartbreak - Suzannah B. Troy reminds you NY Abuse and Violence Toward women every day event

Girls and women endure verbal violence every day.  There is shocking anti-women comments even regarding “your mother” graffiti up the street showing hatred of women, sick twisted feelings about sexuality and rapes are up -- and remember rapes are under reported and here in NYC and through out the world it is female genocide where female babies to “honor killings” to be stoned to death for allegedly committing adultery to mad men like Tina’s husband who had beat her and when she asked for a divorce shortly there after was murdered.

I remember in the lobby of my home of 20 years being demeaned by a security guard who was there for less than 2 weeks when he made a comment about me to a boy on the verge of teen hood and the subtext was I had no value.   That is how it starts with words to devalue girls and women.

Why isn’t violence towards women fought the way cancer is?  Why don’t we have celebrities doing fund raising and commercials to stop violence towards women?

A reminder that rap music was filled with violence and hatred towards women and even women join in which is terrible.

Women can actually be more harsh judges of fellow women or willfully obtuse joining in the hateful rhetoric.  My YouTube Female Genocide Death Toll Rising in NYC and look at the date 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Charlie Sheen’s Pandora’s Box Not a Porn Movie!

Dear Harvey Levin “But I am a Lawyer” (TMZ inside joke!)

Isn’t it a Pandora’s Box for Charlie Sheen to sue Lorre or even the young porn star woman he hired for an evening because he has broken so many laws?  The LAPD and NYPD have turned a blind eye and they would not do so with a middle class or poor person but wouldn’t Charlie Sheen, the LAPD and the NYPD have a lot of explaining to do if Charlie Sheen opens him up to legal battles where he would be deposed and has to tell the truth or face perjury charges.  He could lose custody to all his children under age children if his he goes to court and is cross examined couldn’t he?

Pandora’s Box -- not a porn movie staring Charlie Sheen.

Welcome To Misogynist NY where Violence towards women is accepted and protected


Racist Beater of Women Mel Gibson Wrist Slap

Mel Gibson is part of the rich elite that gets to plead “no contest” aka I am rich and therefor do not have to plead guilty!

He will do community service for his ex-wife aka as for himself so he is not paying for any crime.

LA NYC, NY aids and abets criminals because of wealth, political connections, greed and sheer stupidity and it is okay as long as it is not their daughters - their kids are not killed by drunks...thank it is okay...let them walk free.

p.s.  One of Mel’s fans put up a gay comment that may have revealed to much about himself and so he removed it. Interesting.

Ex-staffer says top Shelly Silver aide accused of raped her and Silver did nothing about it Michael Boxely





Welcome to New York.

I heard on the street a rumor the alleged serial rapist had his law license taken away after he raped a 2nd women and he was given a some kind of punishment and than given his law license back --- welcome to NYC.

Howard Stern denigrates women comes clean on SEX

When I had these 7 dollar an hour jobs as receptionist I would keep my walkman on my desk and listen to Howard Stern and company as best as could from the earphone laying on my desk.  It was the only way to cope with such a thankless job that required little to no brain power.

Howard spoke the truth about issues when no one else had courage like stating even if there was video footage of OJ murdering Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman OJ would have gone free or something like that.   I will never forget the people jumping up and down with joy when that cowardly sicko murderer went free.

But I was always repulsed by how he treated women on the show.  I knew it came from his low, low self esteem.  He begins to admit it in the smallest of ways but not really in today’s article about using sex to cope.  He can’t allow himself to go there -- why he has greatly harmed women and it was for a similar reason in terms of coping but with his own self hatred and self disapproval, self rejection elaborately and clearly packaged and projected on women.  Howard felt so powerless and judging and weighing women gave this very unattractive man a sense of terrific power over women that were far better looking than he.

How cares about looks.  Apparently most everybody but looks like life are very temporary.

Howards first wife Alison married Howard for one reason and one reason only TRUE LOVE.  Alison was and is a beautiful person and good soul.    

It is very nice that wife number two does her share to help animals but there is no way in hell should would have ever married Howard if she had met him minus his money like Alison did and Alison put up with hell and stood by him through thick and thin especially through the rough times.

Who cares.  When Alison left so did I.  I did listen to Howard’s show a few times on Sirrius and I thought it was awful.  What made Howard great was when he could not say what he wanted but found a way to say it anyway.

It is too bad that he has only come far enough to wake-up and own up to just one “small inch” of the truth.  I guess his male audience wouldn’t like it if he owned up the some real ugly truths.

Mean while women are beaten, raped and  murdered here in NY at a staggering rate and around the world.  I have two youtube you might be interested in including why it is heinous that NYU hired Dave Paterson.....

NYU Dave Paterson Tina Advosiao Violence Towards Women Murder New York

Female Genocide NYC Globally death toll rising

NYU Dave Paterson Tina Advosiao Violence Towards Women + Murder New York


Beautiful Bronx Mom Found DEAD! Tina Advosaio Rest in Peace -- Reminder Dave Paterson intimidated a victim in to Silence and NYU hired him!

Tina Advosiaio rest in Peace and You are now in Heaven.  

Tina joins the stats on women who died death by ignorant cowardly men who blame the victim to justify their violence.

This woman a stunning beauty.  I am sure he tried to rob her of her looks and her dignity to keep her down and his warped mind his.   Cowardly sickos have every kind of rationalization possible and use the blame game of course. 
Welcome to Misogynist NYC and like all cowardly woman hating men he lied and I am sure he blames her as well.  Misogynists have plenty of women supporters.  This woman was very beautiful and a Mom and now she is dead.

Just a reminder: our accidental governor Dave Paterson every so quietly intimidated a victim of spousal abuse -- a woman victimized by his best friend he put on the payroll and Dave lied about it, his staff -- the few with integrity resigned over it and political people in power let him walk and NYU hired the creep.  Welcome to corrupt NY a perfect place to get away with just about everything.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Andrew Stein Lies Like a Rug (worse than the one on his head! to Judge!

Andrew Stein looked a judge in the face and led.  He blabbered on about wanting to be a role model for his sons.   Almost laughable if it wasn’t a grotesque lie.

In true Dave Paterson fashion he was able to lie, perjury himself...wait he wasn’t technically under oath when he let that big lie rip -- just looking a judge in the face but hey’s it is New York where the rich and politically connected are above the law and Dave and Andy have Daddy’s with powerful connections and lots of money.

The bald truth  Andy is such a vain, empty headed narcissist not capable of taking responsibility and he probably got off lying to the judge about being a role model.  Would love to have him questioned under oath about how he was and is a role model to his boys.

I would like Barbara Walters questioned under about Andrew Stein.    Baba shame on you.   What is Stein’s reputation Barbara....not a subject of one of your in depth reports ever.

I have to post this on misogynistnyc blog.  Hey Barbara Walters you are above average intelligence.   Why oh why would I posted this on misogynist NYC blog?  What about Andrew Steins’ long term bad ugly behavior would prompt that Barbara.  Shame on you for going to court when it is common knowledge you know what he really is.

Innocent Woman murdered by cowardly creatures devoid of souls, humanity, welcome to NYC


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Beautiful Mom Gone missing feared she is dead -- history of spousal abuse


“Ego and Easy Pickings” Why Narcissistic Self Serving Men Go In To Public Office: Newt Gringrich, Bill Clinton, Rudy Giuliani, Carl Kruger, Mike Bloomberg

Newt Gringrich wants to be your president but when it comes to women he should be in prison.

Read this piece by Gail Collins of The New York Times, “The Eye of Newt” and learn why Gringrich should never, ever be President of the United States.  

Newt makes porn stars seem like saintly victims.   Certain groups protest how porn stars are sexually exploited  and mistreated.  Well how about Newt Gringrich treatment of women starting with his wives stricken with cancers who instead of support were dumped by Gringrich for other women he was committing adultery with?

Don’t forget Rudy Giuliani either.   He had nothing to say when Bill Clinton was exposed sexually exploiting an intern that he also lied about in so many ways including trying to portray her as a stalker which is standard operating procedure with cowardly misogynists.   By the way, why do men that hate women want to plow through them or give the illusion there of?  Because they tend to be narcissists. 

It should be noted that Bill Clinton didn’t make the tax payers fund his mistresses but Rudy Giuliani gave his mistress raises and promotions courtesy of New York tax payers and the biggest raise when Giuliani dumped the mistress for a new older mistress Judi Lane. (Leonard Levitt lays it all out in his book NYPD Confidential.)

Why do these guys go in to public service?   Ego and easy pickings?

Carl Kruger voted down gay peoples right to marriage and he was just outed for being gay as well as stealing money and forcing people to bribe him to get anything done.  His gay lover was involved in the corruption along with other pals.   

Closeted gay men politicians tend to vote down anything to do with gays having equal rights.  Kruger is one of many and you can add him to a long list of public servants stealing and lying.

Should we force politicians to take lie detector tests before they run for office? 
   Are you running for office to serve the people?   Yes or no?  
   Are you going to steal money, take kick backs, etc?   Yes.  
   When you say serve the people, do you understand all the people?  Yes or no? 
  Are you getting in to office to just help yourself, your friends and people who give you big    donations?  Yes.

The list of corrupt, lying, thieving, sexually dishonest as in closeted or serial adulterers just gets longer if finally exposed.  I don’t expect girl scouts but how about some honesty and integrity. 

p.s. Don’t forget Mike.   Let’s give Mike Bloomberg the benefit of the doubt about why he got in to office but it was clear he lost his way early on.

When it comes to “Ego and East Pickings” give me or some one another 5-10 years to tell the real story behind Mike Bloomberg and who and why he hired people male and female.  Who got double dipped.  What is surprising to me is Bloomberg went the route of Guiliani and burdened the tax payers.   Oops, I don’t want to imply that he burdened the tax payers with someone he was having an illicit affair with.  Bloomberg burdened the tax payers in shocking ways starting with campaign staff, chefs, pals, etc.   I won’t be writing the story but stay tuned for when the story is finally written on Bloomberg or several stories down the road.   Maybe the tax payers money is his sex?  And this guy is a billionaire who could be using his own money instead of abusing tax payers.

I also want to talk to you all about DOI -- that is Department of Investigation and like the biggest joke in town “The Conflict of Interest Committee” and yes, it really exists, there are rumors that DOI has not done it’s job.    That DOI is selective or worse in the case of CityTime out to lunch as early as 2003 and why was that?

New York is heading towards ancient Rome and in another ten years if we aren’t bankrupt than maybe an earthquake or tsunami will hit and based on DOB (Dept of Buildings) and Bloomberg and socialite Amanda the people’s Burden, the worst city planner giving greedy developers a free corrupt reign, NYC will crumble.  NYC is crumbling and Mike is laying off how many people but look who Mike is keeping on the tax payers dole, look at who is being chauffeured around NYC?  Mike is not Hugh Hefner so I am not implying illicit affairs but that money is Mike’s sex, tax payer’s money and or Mike has lost his way big time.  Look how Mike praises SAIC and CityTime.

On a humorous note: Christine Quinn wants to be our first Lesbian mayor.  Well what if she was single?  I am not running for mayor or any political office but what if a single straight woman ran for mayor and was not in a committed relationship?

Let’s face it.   America is better than a lot of other countries but sexually the US is still a sexually backward sexist country and straight women are at the bottom of the totem pole. 

I don’t want to run for office but I do have a lot of New Yorkers including gay men that would vote for me if I did run and was single.  I want to devote an entire chapter to this in a book I am slowly working about about sex, politics and healing in NYC.

p.s.   I forgot to post this excellent piece by Tom Robbins!!!!!   Read this....he starts with that corrupt thug Pedro Espada

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"Foul-up For Rape Cop Trial" 9th Precinct Women Leave E. Village Why?

Can you imagine women leaving the neighborhood because they don't feel safe and it is because of the police?

Well one woman did.  There is a photo in the NYPost today of the rape cops from the 9th Precinct.  I remember Moreno and he was a good looking guy but in today's photo in The New York Post he looks like a monster.  The photo is creepy and his partner is making a face like he is a choir boy.

There is so much damning evidence, even with a foul-up by the prosectors these guys are going to do time or at least they should.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Cowardly Misogynist van Der Sloot could get 3 - 5 years because he it was rage and Peru respects RAGE


We all have met misogynists....they blame their victims and they are women for anything and everything.
In this particular case van Der Sloot is breaking character, he doesn't actual have one.

It is just that Peru respects murderers that don't plan to kill their victim but just do it in a murderous rage.

Man who punched woman in to a coma indicted but all I hear is silence -- where is the outrage against violence towards women Christine Quinn?

03/07/2011 3:27 PM
Why isn't Christine Quinn speaking up when a woman is punched in to a coma? If she was gay than Quinn would be holding press conferences. I am pro-equal rights and I want the violence to stop but Bloomberg and Quinn have high priced speech writers selling words with no action. Where are the women political leaders. All I hear is silence!

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/parking_spot_brute_indicted_coma_ws10l4eehrXJlgfQfZvJUJ#ixzz1FwoNRpaW

Rape Crimes are up in NYC and remember stats are always under reported!


Welcome to Misogynist NYC where hatred and disrespect, violence, teenagers words and graffiti show ignorance and hatred of women.

NYC has high rate of alcohol abuse and drug abuse legal and illegal, high rates of mental illness and of course hate, prejudices including misogyny and the high rape stats underscore my point on Misogynist NYC.

Dumping on women gives men and jealous women part of the misogynist club a vacation from their own self hate and if they are abusing substances a scapegoat from their own self destructive deeds.

Man who punched woman in to a coma said it was a reflex so why is he out

This is a hate crime against women. I hope there is video tape because she is so petite it is hard to believe she could reach up that high and hit his face repeatedly. If he has a reflex problem why is he out on bail. Clearly he is a danger. Not one woman politician has spoken up including Christine Quinn who got a speeches writer and millions to try to be mayor as in Mike for a 4th term. This victim would have to be gay for Quinn to speak up in outrage.

Quinn is all talk -- she can say all the right things but look at her actions!  Look at who is donating big bucks for her mayoral run.    Look her up here and see for yourself   http://www.councilpedia.org/index.php?title=Councilpedia_Home

Why are women politicians silent, especially those from the East Village?

What are the statistics re: Violence towards women.   Rapes have been reported up!  Welcome to Misogynistic NYC.

Look at the graffiti in NYC --  x percentage is so sick and sexually twisted directed at women -- pathetic.

Listen to high school kids language even girls and it is shocking.

Welcome to Misogynist NYC.

Welcome to Misogynist NYC! Remember what ever the stats they are under reported.

When is the violence and hate going to stop?  When leaders and all people say enough is enough!  Stop the violence, stop the hate but for now mostly silence.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Christine Quinn Rosie Mendez Margarita Lopez are silent but 2 male politicians speak up in outrage over a man punching a woman almost killing her!


Peter Vallone is a Bloomberg "slush puppy" but at least and Fidler spoke up. How disgusting the accepted tolerance for violence towards women and remember the "misogynist club" has female members too. I made the term up based on hate crimes Tompkins Square Park.
"Councilmember Lewis Fidler (D-Brooklyn) said yesterday. "You have to be conscious on some level of someone's propensity to harm the next person if they've done it before."

"Fidler and Councilmember Peter Vallone Jr. (D-Astoria) have called on legislators...." see article above...

The NY Post an Fox carried this news about Lopez and Mendezhttp://www.myfoxny.com/dpp/news/local_news/manhattan/east-village-co-op-exists-as-womens-only-building-20101031-ncx and it is a woman owned co-op building with a limit on how much you can see you coop but I wonder what Rosie and Margarita and friends - -like does Lisa Kaplan buy a coop there? ....she works for Rosie right? --- how much did they buy their coops for...as in next to nothing....? So even if they sell for under 400,00 what kind of profit is that....? Like almost 300 plus percent?

And Christine Quinn and her life partner just bought a new condo down not far from their old apt. Maybe they saved some money by not having to pay for transportation since they are chauffeured every where courtesy of the tax payers.

Reminder -- whom ever runs for mayor next election with support gay rights and equal rights.
We don't need Mike Bloomberg's puppet Christine Quinn who sold her soul to developers and sold the people out for a third term selling the lie Mike would help us with the economy. They only helped their pals.

You need to take a look at this page.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

NYU's new Hire Dave Paterson's best friend Dave Johnson who Paterson protected and kept on payroll admits to beating up his than girlfriend! Will Dave hire him to work at NYU for him? NYU Corruption Real Estate dealings including illegal air sale by the USPS to NYU 120 E 12th Street.


1) See video footage of large NYU student population swarming streets.   Seniors have complained to me and one has now died.

2) I tell you have illegal air sale by USPS to NYU at 120 East 12 St.  Ann's

Why are no women's groups protesting NYU's hire of Dave Paterson?  It is NY's great shame that he was allowed to stay on as gov. of NY!  

From today's newspaper 

This is also NYU's new hire Dave http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/public_integrity_commission_charges_F2UIn0yBoXicrR6DV6fP9I

Is Dave Johnson going to be hired as an assistant to Dave Paterson at NYU.  There are a lot of lovely NYU students for them to mentor, date, etc.?????
NYU hires Dave Paterson who is accused of abusing campaign donations including for allegedly paying for hotel rooms for adulterous affairs.   NYU Gals get ready for Dave and he may help you find a job too!

NYU hires Dave Paterson. I will be adding links to today's headlines that Dave's best friend on his payroll courtesy of tax payers now admits to bashing his than girl friend. Dave protected him and kept him on as well as intimidated the victim ever so quietly and gently in to silence. 

Corrupt NYU hires him! Perhaps his father's powerful connections will help Sexton to continue crushing our communities with shady deals and beat down community law suits 

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