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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jeffrey Epstein Prince Andrew's BF is listed on Sex Offender App download for free from Apple for you Iphone

Before you take your family to the Frick Museum, any of the tony museums on the upper East Side or the Central Park kid's playgrounds, you may want to type the zip code 10021 in to the free Sex Offender Apps you can download from Apple to your Iphone or Ipad.  Hey isn't that Mike Bloomberg's zip code?

If you want to type in Epstein's exact address right behind The Frick you can find it listed here http://www.lefcourtlaw.com/CM/RecentNotableDecisions/Cordero-v-Epstein.pdf and I want to warn you the legal document is shocking and disturbing as well as a gender bender and bizarrely enough 2 of the 3 free sex offender apps list Jeffrey Epstein as "female" which is ironic when you look at the legal brief above.   The NY Post covered the transgender (?) underage victim that alleged Epstein lured to this house.  http://www.nypost.com/p/news/regional/item_YpOM2hC4qQEWpkEqunEBfJ

If you don't want to read the tawdry legal filing that lists Victoria Secrets and Leslie Wexner as well as Epstein then here is an article from The NY Times.  http://www.nytimes.com/1996/01/11/garden/home-sweet-elsewhere.html or rather this article http://www.nytimes.com/2010/05/30/realestate/30block.html

From NYTimes article: "Or maybe the footman of the private money manager Jeffrey Epstein, out doing reconnaissance in front of No. 9, one of the largest houses in Manhattan.  Across the street from the soaring (and heavily surveilled) arched door of No. 9 is the back of the Frick, a solid holding wall."
Leslie Wexner has a yacht called The Limitless but apparently Jeffrey Epstein has forced Wexner to realize he has limits after all as well at one point small children that Epstein was the trustee to?
In the Forbes article below apparently Wexner had enough and replaced Epstein as trustee.   Could it be in  the words of Donald Trump, Epstein's good friend, "you're fired."? 

The free apps allow you to locate Epstein here in NYC by typing in his NYC address and zip code but remember they are free so perhaps if you pay for the Offender Apps ranging from $1.99  - $3.99 you will get even more information.  For the free Apps you will find Jeffrey Epstein's photo and various locations of his homes including St. Thomas, New Mexico and Florida very much like what is listed here except this page includes France as well. http://offender.fdle.state.fl.us/offender/flyer.do?personId=62762  Didn't France have a problem with one of our major stars messing with an underage woman but he threatened to never return and the problem went away?

Why isn't Epstein's NYC address officially listed although the free data base for sex offender in the app store recognizes it?  Perhaps because Epstein is an "offshore billionaire" although Forbes has an article claiming he might not be one at all. http://blogs.forbes.com/billions/2010/07/23/is-billionaire-sex-offender-jeffrey-epstein-all-that-rich/  Epstein is one of many rags to riches New Yorkers that doesn't want to declare NYC as his home so he uses the Virgin Islands as a tax shelter.  He enjoys the word "Virgin" and perhaps for other sheltering reasons?

Woody Allen  http://encyclopediadramatica.com/Woody_Allen and even Prince Andrew are not listed as "offenders" on these free Apps just yet but maybe one day down the road?  Why is Andrew so tight with Epstein a registered sex offender?   Poor Queen Elizabeth.... She is preparing to celebrate her Grandson's marriage and she has to hear about her troubled son Andrew making front cover news with a shady off-shore billionaire sexual predator.

Some even wondered if Ghislaine Maxwell, famous for her "introductions" aka a special services girl friday would end up serving time and listed as an offender as well because she was known to make arrangements Epstein's "entertainment" such as massages.  In NYC and LA the rich and connected are mostly above the law as most recently illustrated by Charlie Sheen.

There is a rumor that the Feds gave Epstein special treatment and it wasn't just for helping them with the Bear Stearns debacle....what could Epstein possible have that the feds might also be interested in....hmmm

Names of some free sex offender apps :"Find Sex Offenders Free", "Sex Offenders Lite" and"Watch Out" which has a picture of a red devil and all carry Jeffrey Epstein's photo, his height, weight, eye color and list some of the many addresses he calls home. 

Epstein wins an elite place among registered sex offenders as one with addresses in the most expensive postal codes in the world but he might have some elite company down the road, you never know.

If Woody Allen did what he did in middle America he would still be in jail, not married to his victim able to adopt children.  Jeffrey Epstein would never ever have been busted in NYC, let's face facts.  http://www.newser.com/story/96085/how-this-billionaire-escaped-sex-trafficking-charges.html  He got busted in Florida but managed to slither out of a prison sentence that would mean 20 years for a regular Joe.

Yesterday The New York Post ran Epstein and Randy Prince Andy going for a walk together near Epstein's home here in NYC with photos on the front cover.   Prince Andrew is not looking very attractive these days and Epstein looks agitated both guys look old but these guys have no problem getting female company and it certainly isn't for their reputations.   If Andrew continues on this route he may find himself uninvited to the upcoming Royal Wedding.  Ghislane Maxwell won't be getting  invitation, that is for sure but she avoided joining Epstein on the offender app.  There are a few women listed on the free sex offender app as well an alleged off shore billionaire.  

I would like to ask Donald Trump if he will be spending quality time with Epstein.  Trump likes to be surrounded by young beautiful women as well and Epstein and he were friends.  I guess it is okay with Trump  as long as it is not his daughter or in Trump's case, I should say granddaughter.  I would be interested in what Trump has to say about Epstein.

Note:  I have met Epstein and his special services gal friday Ghislaine Maxwell and when I think of these two a four letter word comes to mind, "jail".   Can Epstein and Company buy a get out of jail free card?  He did once already.