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Friday, October 1, 2010

Donald Trumps rich guy friends get in trouble with the law re: underage girls, this makes 2 Trump pals so far + Trump Soho Hotel law suits

That makes 2 pals of Donald Trump that have gotten in trouble with the law regarding activity involving under age girls...the other being Jeffrey Epstien who has some good friends here in NY besides Donald Trump like Page 666 of The New York Post.


The article also mentions that Donald Trump and his kids are being sued by condo buyers of The Trump Soho Hotel.  Remember Christine Quinn did not show up to chair a city council task force meeting where I was a rousing speaker and my theory is she did not do so because the audience was packed to capacity with anti-Trump protestors who did not want this hotel built.

Chelsea Now owned by The Villager took down the article covering the City Council task force including a photo of me speaking from their internet website before Quinn ran to reclaim her seat and The Villager along with NYU hosted the debate between Quinn and her opponents Kurland and Derr.  I had just gotten the IPhone 3GS and I filmed live from the street The Villager and NYU turning away NY1 and other press including a reporter from City Hall news who wrote  piece that can be found on Huffington.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/wires/2009/08/13/public-press-barred-from-_ws_259303.html   There were seniors that stood on line patiently  to get in and where turned away as well as this handicap senior in a wheel chair that we fought for and it took way too long but finally we got him in.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_x1Ig-yhN1k

I believe Christine Quinn as usual supported developers in this case Donald Trump, business as usual for Quinn who tries to pass herself off as Jane Jacobs but is in bed with  real estate magnates -- not the people of the community.

Also note the community fought to prevent the Trump building from being built....there was debate about the air sale and the owner of The Villager having something to do with the air sale....The Villager offices sit in the base of the building that sold the air space and the owner owned a unit in the building as I recall but he says he sold it before the air sale. 

A construction worker died at  Trump Soho Hotel construction site.

in a separate lawsuit filed in August in Manhattan Federal 
Court, 15 buyers of the Trump SoHo Hotel sued Arif, Trump, his children, and Arif's partner, Alex Sapir, charging they had inflated sales in their marketing pitches to encourage them to buy into the condo.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/2010/10/01/2010-10-01_donald_trump_pal_tevfik_arif_busted_in_turkey_for_allegedly_running_hooker_ring_.html#ixzz116uSmpSb