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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Charlie Sheen sex workers violence are bad boys like this Misogynists? by Suzannah B. Troy

Oh dear...you know how bad boys seem to OD, over dose on women....?  Well one sexpert says guys like this are really misogynists....surprise!


Patrick Wanis, a human behavior expert and celebrity life coach, said Sheen's history of mistreating women and patronizing prostitutes are signs of misogyny.
"When you're violent toward women that means you have deep-seated rage and anger," said Wanis, who works with clients in New York and Miami.
"Until he resolves that, he's going to continue having problems. Fame and fortune and good looks don't make up for whatever emotional pain he has."

Clearly a lot of women are feeling Charlie Sheen's pain...there has got to be a better way to communicate.

Guys doing their dirty dog routine are not what they appear to be.  They want to send off a message they are studs but the message they are sending is a red light that something is very, very wrong inside themselves.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/gossip/2010/10/26/2010-10-26_charlie_sheen_could_get_tragic_end_unless_he_confronts_emotional_problems_needs_.html#ixzz13eATNMzd

Here in NYC you see very sick men making a big show of eyeballing under age girls...are they "eye ball" pedophiles?     I would say yes and maybe even real ones.  Advertising uses the under age pedophile lure which is also truly disgusting and can be seen on billboards around NYC as well.

I guess that is why Apple has a free sex offender App with GPS.

If you download it you can see an entire building by Tompkins Square Park which happens to have 3 children's playgrounds.