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Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube

Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube https://www.youtub...

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Oliver Stone "Wall Street 2" "Bitch" Misogynist NYC Part 2 by Suzannah B. Troy

Yesterday I posted a piece on my blog Misogynist NYC about Oliver Stone's misogynist use  of the word "bitch".   My comment on Stone's mind set of the use and word  play of "bitch"  which I can't even use on The New York Post website because their comment section has word police apparently caused some controversy.   My posting along with one about NYU made Google Blog  News and now I am getting fan mail.  I will wait to see if the gentleman would like me to publish his very polite, pedantic and incorrect email.  I don't know what University he attended to get his fancy degree but he fails miserably on mind reading.
I posted this in response and below I wrote him back a response minus my tired and angry typos-- I will publish.

I  went back to The New York Post article and posted Bitch Part 2:

Oh dear, a man writes me and he has letters following his name and wrongly tells me the scene I am thinking of and how sympathetic Stone's Viet Nam films are too women but he ends with post script agreeing he can't defend the word the NY Post word police won't allow. He and of course so many men and women part of the boy's club don't want to get their own behavior and treatment like assuming he knows which film I was referring to and he is wrong and than I compare the scene I am referring to, to women bartering sexualfavors made one word to get past censors on the set to help their career. Of course this man's letters after his name means a privileged education I don't have and mind reading skills that need honing.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/business/stone_takes_greed_to_new_level_for_TqzViN2muDwwph3gEdkMCP#ixzz10Qz6BFYF

My response: No the scene is not in Platoon.
The soldier barters sex with a Viet Nam woman who is poverty level very much like women barter sex on set in hopes of stardom. 
So sick of men telling me wrong information. (Especially about me.)

The above is a response to the gentleman that wrote me that fails in mind reading skills but cannot defend Oliver Stone uses of the word "bitch".

I worked on the set of Wall Street and was non-Union promoted from a 12 hour day to a 17 hour day.  Oliver gave me crap and I stood up for myself.  He did not fire me and I have to say I really got along with him.  I believe the word use and mentality "men" tality is misogynist.   

It is a known fact that women barter sex in the film business and modeling industry  and in many different facets of existence here on earth-- not all but x amount.  Why?   Because as my first letter ever published and it was in The Financial Times comparing my painting and Lucian Freud's painting -- his use of an older woman's "naked" body -- I came to this conclusion all those years ago and it still hold's true, that women are lagging behind men from basic human rights to economic power.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRCFeXZkF00  To date the majority of my YouTube audience is can't grasp how I am using my body and why....how I am talking with anger about "the male gaze".

I made up the term "geo-sexual politics" along with "sub-zero trickle down". 

I can't find the link to my first letter ever published.  I have it somewhere packed away with the original article.

I have 9 letters published in The New York Times before they became like communist Russia and banned me/censored me and one is a powerful letter on women's bodies and our self-acceptance.  The letter was in response to women and porn.

The old grey lady -- some how a kinder female term than BITCH and the misogynist club that runs it - yet I believe they are real estate mongers, like NYU, look at The New York eminent domain Times building -- and unlike NYU it has become their Albatross and is sinking them....has buried my letters.  Too find them you need to search under my full name from the inception of the paper under "advance search".

Did Steve Rattner urge the owner of the NYTimes to buy this building that would bring the paper to it's demise?

More important that Oliver Stone's "Wall Street 2 Greed is good" are my YouTube series on Bloomberg, Steve Rattner and how greed and stupidity has brought NYC to the edge of the economic abyss and for everyone but the rich we are free falling in to economic hell.  We are in a recession that for poor people is really a depression and it will get worse next year and the years following.  Albany and City Hall did smoke and mirrors with the budget, business as usual including giving themselves raises and every king of perk imaginable and unimaginable if they possible could being chauffered every where possible if possible.

Will Steve Rattner, Mike Bloomberg's money manager be banned by the SEC for pay to play pension fund misdeeds and for pleading the 5th more times than Mike has been mayor to the SEC. Clearly Rattner has something to hide if he is pleading the 5th over and over.    I believe Rattner is good friends with many media movers and shakers and also manages the money of the owners of The New York Daily New and The New York Times.  You tell me.  I don't have a press pass.  I don't have the resources a reporter for a newspaper has.

In the meantime Bloomberg has yet to turn over 62 emails he sent to Haggerty and Haggerty debacle is Mike Bloomberg's Watergate.  Only a king can refuse to turn over emails to the district attorney.

Only a king can not declare campaign expenditures including donations, a Misdemeanor A and not go to jail...  Who makes donations totaling 1.1 million dollars the day before an election to help their campaign except a king?

only the king of New York could deny the people of New York a referendum two years in a row...and he could not have gotten the job done, circumventing the voters without Christine Quinn, his mini-me who is part of the boys club.

I made these YouTubes for next to nothing with zero budget and viewing them is free if you have computer access.

I could tell you I could write a better script than the one written for Wall Street 2 but I don't have to because I just make YouTubes talking about the greed and stupidity  that is destroying NYC.

I watched All the President's Men and if you want to get the bottom of Bloomberg's Watergate -- Haggerty -- follow the money trail.  What's his name resigns just like Steve Rattner to spend more time with his family.

Watch my YouTubes.....

I wish Oliver Stone good luck with Wall Street 2 and there is no doubt Michael Douglas will win an Oscar for best actor.  I believe his film on Richard Nixon reflected many of his own "soul struggles" as do many and or all of his films.  Like a painter Oliver takes his soul and puts it on the surface of a canvas.

Oliver Stone has not made piece with his "yin" energy -- his anima -- and like the porn film they made in to a mainstream film with Ellen Barkin or Tootsie -- I wish Oliver had to make it as a low income woman for a day or a few hours at least.

I made a new YouTube Channel called Bloomberg No CityTime.   Lucky for SAIC no one is investigating their track record although I did find some scandal about EPA super fund and Iraqi media.  Why, oh why would the City of NY hire SAIC in the first place?  http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2010/05/mike-bloombergs-citytime-is-tax-payers.html

But I also have a lot of questions of about real estate and financial dealings and I am part of a group that king Mike Bloomberg calls lawless partisan bloggers in The New York Times that is waiting for the SEC ruling on Steve Rattner.   I called the SEC but they haven't called me back.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Oliver Stone showing misogynistic colors - his word play -- BITCH

Oliver Stone the term which NY Post's word police won't even let me use is misogynistic and the thinking behind it as well. This goes on my blog MisogynistNYC and Oliver knows deep down in his inner recesses if he would allow himself to get to that place this is so wrong.  Remember his scene in the Viet Nam Saga on where a Viet Nam woman is sexploited by an American soldier?  You would think Oliver would be sensitive to women but clearly it is the same "scene" over and over even with word play!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Luke 8:17, is that like spiritual video cameras, first image Girl 27

For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out in to the open...

Luke 8:17

First image are the words above from Girl 27


Lies, character assassination, paying people to commit perjury...and more.

"The truth always wins."   Patricia Douglas

Truth is my vindication. The truth always wins, it comes out no matter what, how many years go by, no matter how you are lied about, the truth comes out...  Patricia Douglas from the film Girl 27