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Monday, August 9, 2010

Naomi Campbell Blood Diamonds from Charles Taylor monster

The global world owes Naomi Campbell a great thank you for bringing awareness to the Charles Taylor, an ex-Dictator, oops I meant to say ex-President of Liberia , and alleged war criminal.   It takes a super model to do this even if it is for the wrong reasons and that is an understatement!

If it was not for Charles Taylor sending her a bag of "blood diamonds" most people would not know his name or even be aware of his monstrous acts.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood_diamond.  I recommend you take a look at his Wikipedia page but it won't give you enough information on the "blood" aspect of these diamonds but informs you of the Hague taking the amorous Charles Taylor to court for crimes against humanity.  Naomi Campbell never imagined she would be a player in the actual trials and resisted testifying but unlike NYC, USA she couldn't wiggle her way out of this trial.

Leave it to NPR to get right to the heart of the war crimes where almost every article and Wiki page sounds light.   If you have gotten this far and not read the brilliant interview by NPR than you need to stop and read.  Besides the horrifying crimes against humanity one ray of light Liberia and Africa now have their 1st African Woman President.

Below click on super model and explain what Nelson Mandela is doing next to Taylor to me.

Not that a super model would let crimes against humanity get between her and diamonds and by the way after bragging to anyone who would listen, Naomi was very disappointed at the lack of size and beauty of these baubles but that is not her biggest problem.

Naomi Campbell's biggest problem is that she may have allegedly lied under oath about the diamonds and there may be testimony by her former agent as well as Mia Farrow, a very talented actress and humanitarian.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1301455/Mia-Farrow-Naomi-Campbell-knew-blood-diamonds-Charles-Taylor.html  This link pretty much states Campbell perjured herself....don't you think?

If it is proven Campbell perjured herself she is in BIG, BIG trouble, bigger than the Hope Diamond.   She is not in NYC anymore where the rich and connected can get away with almost everything and walk away...

Even driven by vanity and stupidity, Naomi Campbell has done good because if you were not aware of the monstrous Charles Taylor you are now and hopefully the Naomi Campbell name will make more people around the world aware of what his actual crimes against humanity are.

Campbell was not motivated to bring attention to the horrific abuses to African people by the ex-warlord Charles Taylor who is also said to have  help fund Al Qaeda but she did so she is owed a thank you in a way but she may find herself in the first really deep hole she might not be able to climb out of.

There are better ways to bring attention to the crimes against humanity in Africa and also help make a difference.   

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt flying to Nimba for Angelina to give birth to the beautiful Shiloh was a front line act.  Angelina Jolie said to People Magazine....  "We want to tell the world how magnificent this country and the people are."   Angelina Jolie also said, "We love this part of the world."

Sounds like Naomi Campbell if she gets lucky will have a long term community service position to help Africa or she may be heading to jail for perjury.  Are super models allowed to go to jail?