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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Female Lt. in 9th Precinct NYPD East Village called c//t by subordinate


East Village Misogynist anti-women and the Misogynist club even has some female club members...

I knew certain police officers were hanging out with a blogger - an old grossly obese male that does not want to be photographed but photographs an African American homeless woman, 56 years old topless and drunk out of her mind -- I made the term "misogynist club" up for Lincoln Anderson who let me know in crazy emails that I turned in to the NYPD that this blogger's exploitation of the poverty level woman who appears to be mentally ill as well as other disturbing issues -- was just okay.

Well the commander being sued seemed like a nice guy to me  and he is well repsected.  

Any police officer and this was a subordinate and his name is not given - should be fired on the spot but the union of course protects this behavior....?

She is sueing the commander, D.I. DeQuattro for allegedly undermining her authority as well as the NYPD for sexual discrimination. Again I have to say many people thought highly of DeQuattro and he seemed very dedicated to helping the community.

The 9th was called the //// house. Than the new 9th Precinct and now the rape precinct because of the two police officers -- one that had sex with a woman that was so drunk she had vomited in a cab and the younger officer stood there and watched. The story is even worse than that as they are alleged to have made a fake 911 call and there was heroin in they NYPD officer's locker. You have to google to find out all the information.

The 9th also has 2 female officers that are lower than awful in my opinion but they do have some good officers.

I just can't believe a man can call his boss a C/// and still be employed.