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Friday, August 20, 2010

Calling all women who want to drink in NYC do it with caution -- here is why....


Before I tell you why --- I have to tell you before you read the article above which quotes Capt. Winski.  He and I have never actually spoke although in the short time he has taken over the command of the 1st Precinct I have written one commendation and numerous complaints against him re: vendors and The Mercer Hotel.

That being said I do praise him for this work.  Why?  Jennifer Moore -- rest in peace.  

Jennifer Moore was underage and she was brutally raped and murdered and this was easily accomplished because she had been out drinking although not legally old enough to do so at a Chelsea bar in a night club.

Imette St. Guillen also brutally raped and murdered.  She was old enough to be legally drinking but she drank too much.  Her friend left her.  Big mistake.  If one of your friends is drinking hard do not, I repeat do not leave them.   Imette St. Guillen drank to much and pay a price no human being should.

Laura Garza http://abclocal.go.com/wabc/story?section=news/local&id=7406554  Laura Garza's remains have finally been found but no witnesses has come forward to tie evidence to the alleged murderer.   Please think back if you can and if there is any information to put her murderer or any murder behind bars speak up.

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Way back when....I went to how many community board meetings in the East Village to talk over and  over  about night life concerns, too many bars  and too many mega dorms.  I went to the 9th Precinct's community meetings to talk about night life concerns and at the time protest both the community board chair who owned at least 10 bars in the E. Village and cronies...this is ancient history.  I could not get the mayor's office, the pathetic excuse of a Manhattan Borough president Stringer to do squat, the SLA but the chair no longer is no longer the community board bar czar of the East Village.  Community boards are the most undemocratic part of city gov.  We did not vote for these people to represent us.  We also don't have enough good talented citizens to represent us and that includes top spots in city and state positions....meaning the people are screwed.

Back to underage drinking and drinking and drugging -- both legal and illegal drugs and a combination there of.....  Don't do it.

NYU wants to make the entire area one big dorm and party central.   The drug dealers are thrilled.  Any young person they hook is a slave and a meal ticket but the bottom line is as much as NYC is a wonderful city it is filled with predators.

Do not drink if you are under age.   Anyone drinking more than a glass of wine or a beer please be careful.   Bring a buddy....a sober buddy to make sure you get home safe.

Do not leave your drink unattended and make sure the drink if poured in front of you.  If you have doubts buy a bottle of beer and keep an eye on it.  Why?  I don't care if they are wearing a $5,000 business suit, a cop uniform, a fireman, a priest or rabbi - anyone could slip the date rape drug in your drink so do not leave your drink unattended.

Do not mix prescription drugs with booze -- it is too dangerous.

In my opinion stay away from Ambien (perscription sleeping pill)  or any aggressive male taking ambien --- ambien could make someone abusing the substance even more aggressive.  I do not think anyone popping ambien should be allowed to carry a gun.

Do make sure you get a safe ride home and one good option is to call Right Rides...


Do not get behind a wheel of car.   I use to hear people screaming in the middle of the street at 3:30, 4am asking where did I park my car?  They were so drunk and besides waking me up they frightened me -- are they getting in to a car with a drunk screaming person driving?  Scary....Welcome to nightlife NYC.

Be alert out there.   There are predators just hoping you will get drunk to rob you or worse...