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Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube https://www.youtub...

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jeffrey Epstein billionaire sex predator going to Dubai, bye, bye

  • Great news because Epstein is a crook and a predator. The Arabs will end up executing him and his "helpers" unless the Feds rescue him yet again after all rumors are he did more than help the Fed sort out Bear Stearns. Before he ships out can Mike Bloomberg and comptroller John Liu give him a bill for all the money he has cheated the City of NY and the State for that matter out of taxes by declaring the Virgin Islands his residence. Which special services girl friday assisted Jeff in stealing a piece of art? The artist did not have her friends delivering the art get a receipt. The Trustee for Volunteer Lawyers for Artist, a lawyer at Weil Gotshall tried to help her get her art back. He called Jeff's lawyer handling an important issue at Weil for Epstein  and asked him to ask Jeff to return her art or pay her. For him to go to Dubai he needs to remove any stamps from his American passport that show he has been to Israel and I trust the Arab legal system will deal with Epstein and his assistants far more effectively than Palm Beach justice system and let us face it -- in NYC a big check to charities makes you above the law for the most part....He is  possibly the 1st billionaire to be in the App for sex predators and maybe the first Jewish resident of Dubai to be executed there along with his assistants. First make him admit he is really a NY resident and make him pay back taxes

  • Jeff Epstein is as much an ambassador for the Jewish people as Mel Gibson and makes Tiger Woods look like a sexual mature down right generous guy.

    I can't explain why there are so many creepy rich old Jewish guys-- Woody Allen, Roman Polanksi with an extremely unhealthy interest in folks way too young for them but remember don't judge a group but a few bad apple but who knows -- at some point they may being joining Epstein on that free app on the IPhone showing where sex predators  or should I say pedophiles live along with their pictures.  Only in NYC could Woody end up marrying someone he dated underage, took nude photos of and got to adopt children!