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Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube https://www.youtub...

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sexist misogynist The New York Post's term "sex pot"

This is a comment on The New York Post's use of the term sex pot to describe women.  The term sex pot by guys from the NYPost sounds  like a bunch of guys just lusting for women that would reject them unless they pay them for sexual favors came up with that term.

Sex pot -- means someone who likes sex?  Isn't that a good thing?  In theory shouldn't everyone be pro-sex but when it comes to females the NY Post male writers always have this negative misogynist double standard that not only is offensive but oozes with lust and rejection.

Suzannah B. Troy Amazon book review The Girl Who Played with Fire

The real title is "The Men Who Hate Women", not the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo so I call this book part 2 and it is excellent.  The Girl Who Played with Fire is even better than the 1st book although both are important because they address violence towards women, prejudice, corruption, and so many other important thought provoking issues.  It is sad that Larsson died without knowing his books are such a huge success.  It is also very disturbing that he did not make a will and his father and brother speak of his live-in love as his misogynist characters describe Lisbeth.  Read this book and experience an entertaining, disturbing read.  Lisbeth Sander is an unforgettable woman fictional character techno-equipped for the  21st century that many of us wish we had on our side; ditto: for Bloomkvist.  I feel like a combination of them both writing and YouTubing about corruption here in NYC.

Misogynist NYC and girls are part of the hate club


It is clear these teenagers have no self respect so they are not capable of having respect for anyone else...no surprise but here a group of both male and female gang up on a pregnant woman.

Misogynists, cowards and no surprise....welcome to NYC.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mel Gibson accused of slapping girlfriend by Suzannah B. Troy

Dear Blog Readers:  What I express to you in this blog posting are my opinions on a low life, anti-semite....
Thank you,
Suzannah B. Troy

Adulterer, liar, anti-semite Mel Gibson is back in the news again and it is not for acting like a good Christian.   Surprise!  Surprised?  Not at all!

Mel Gibson is Yiddish for anti-semite, low life.

Adulterous partners in sin, Gibson and gal pal,  have both filed restraining orders against each other  but Gibson is rumored to be the violent one here.    He got her preggers and had a baby girl while married which doesn't make him a poster boy for being a good Christian but apparently makes him an expert on Christ.   The girlfriend and mom of their illegitimate daughter accuses him of beating her up badly according to TMZ.

I don't mention her name because she is of no interest to me except that she is a victim of alleged violence at the hands of a rich, Hollywood brute and America's most famous  anti-semite who has done his best to spread his hate and propaganda message using his movie.  I don't mention the name of the high tech propaganda flick embraced by Rome which is very telling as well. 

Let's see.... I believe, poster boy for the Church, Mel Gibson still is legally married to his wife,  who he has 7  children with.  The wife married him when he had no money or fame.  Do you think what's her name would have given Mel, the construction worker, the time of day?  I don't think so.

What's her name  accuses him of domestic violence.    Mel being the charming, classy guy that he is is rumored to be playing hard ball with her not only fighting the charge but filing a restraining order against her!  Mel the anti-semite, drunk, adulterer has never been one to step up to the plate and take responsibility.

Why should he?  In America if you are rich, a celebrity, a politician, "connected", you don't have to plead guilty.  The well connected have a special plea just for them..."no contest" something like that...it is a plea designed for spoiled rotten people so they don't have to plead guilty when they are as guilty as sin!

That is the American justice system blinded by money, celebrity, etc.

Classy guy, Mel the anti-semite and maybe the Pope will plug him as "Father of the Year"!   I would be happy to fly to Rome and discuss  this with the Pope; why I think it is deeply anti-semitic and very disturbing for the Church to embrace Mel Gibson and his anti-semitic film.  True or false?  The Pope has an email and I emailed him this piece.  True.

How a vile, low life like Mel Gibson even could make an anti-semitic film  so over the top in every way about Christ but that is "Holly-woo-wood Babylon" and didn't  a woman die of a heart attack  watching it?  The film was clearly too much for her.  Is that considered murder?

I don't care about these creepy people but if you do Radar on Line has an exclusive interview with Mel's ex-girlfriend, mother of his newest child and she claims to be the victim here.  I do believe her.  I just don't think she is a nice person.

I care about the oil spill crisis and the massive destructive effects including the mass murder of sea life and long range results.  I can't help but feel greed and stupidity are to blame for devastating effects people can't understand yet but when I read about Hollywood's most famous drunken anti-semite I have to speak up.

Mel Gibson's father is a Holocaust denier.   I would like to sit down with the Pope and discuss Mel Gibson, adulterer, liar, cheater and also Holocaust deniers like Gibson's creepy, vile dad.

And what does the Pope and Rome do?  They take a film by such a low life,  Mel Gibson, a man that forged his fortune selling sex, violence and used Jesus who was Jewish and to make an anti-semitic film! 

Mel Gibson being exposed as an adulterer and liar....do you think that was the first time?  If he did hit his girlfriend, do you think that was the first time?  Gibson turning around and blaming the victim if true...do you think that was a first time he roughed up a woman?  He has  been exposed for adultery -- I am sure that was his first time (not.) 

Mel Gibson likes to tell people he has Jewish friends.  I am so glad I am not one of Mel Gibson's Jewish friends.  I am glad I am not married to him.  I don't date married men although I have met men that pass themselves off as single when they are not but it is hard for Hollywood celebrities who are married to pass themselves off as single so Mel's newest baby's mama knew she was dating a married man and she and Mel in theory knew how to use birth control.   I would not want to be in a car with drunk driving Mel Gibson who makes anti-semitic comments to a Los Angeles Police Officer and gets away with it.

Mel Gibson is disgusting...He is worse than disgusting.  I am sure the little girl he had out of wedlock is the newest Mel Gibson victim based on his vile behavior and if someone made a film right now exposing Mel Gibson including how uses money and religion Rome would not be eager to embrace the Mel Gibson further exposed now as anything but a good Christian.  Mel Gibson is not qualified to make a film on Christ and apparently he is an awful husband and boyfriend and father.

Mel Gibson is such a creep and yet he can easily find people willing to kiss his rotten to the core ego.

Mel Gibson is a big mess and he has as much chance of cleaning up his emotional oil spill as BP but I care about the oil spill off of the Gulf, all the deaths because of it and the long range disaster as well.  I don't know how this happened and ditto for Mel Gibson making a proganda film on Christ that Rome would back but Rome also let pedophiles abuse innocent children for way too long.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cy Vance Mike Bloomberg = Teflon Mike Bloomberg info sent to me by a source.

This was emailed to me and I am posting.  I am a blogger and I don't have the resources that a David Seifman has or the contacts including a press pass.  I have not gotten to interview this person but I wanted to share this with my followers and you decide what to make of  this.   If this is true than it proves that Cy Vance has every reason in his power as I am sure many others do for different reasons to make sure this powerful connected man, Mike Bloomberg who doesn't respect limits of any kind remains Teflon Mike -- that he remains above the law.

If this is all true than I am glad I have gone to "outside sources" beyond the NYPD forwarding  the cyber stalker identity thief continued and on going harassment on YouTube of me and others.  The Queens DA has the evidence from when the freak stole Tony Avella's identity the day after the election to harass me and others  so I am glad the Queens DA doesn't have the issues that Cy Vance has.   Here is the info I was sent:

Points of Public Interest pertaining to Cy Vance’s Campaign Finance Irregularities in collusion with Michael Bloomberg’s campaign and Mark Guma Communications.

· Cy Vance has a longstanding debt to Mark Guma Communications for $273,349 to whom he paid more than 1.1 million dollars to for consulting and electioneering activities from September 2009-January 2010.

· On January 15, 2010, Cy Vance mysteriously reported to the State Board of Elections that he had loan/liabilities to Mark Guma Communications in the amount of $273K that dated back to 9/14/2009. (2009 10 Day Post Primary)

· In a series of shady campaign finance maneuvers reported on campaign filings throughout the 2009 election cycle, Cy Vance has apparently attempted to conceal the fact that Mark Guma has forgiven large sums of debt owed to Mark Guma Communications, Inc. previously invoiced to Cy Vance’s campaign.

· In a series of campaign finance reports, Cy Vance’s campaign reduced their liability to Mark Guma Communications, Inc. by reporting campaign expenditures on section F of their filings (with corresponding check numbers) purportedly written to Mark Guma Communications, while simultaneously reporting on Section O of his finance reports that Mark Guma was making a donation to the campaign for the same amount.

· Vance’s campaign simultaneously reduced the liabilities in section N of its filings by the exact same amounts of each “donation” reported on section O.

*See State BOE Filer ID C36419 (2009 11 Day Pre-General, 2009 27 Day Post General, 2010 January Periodic)

· Thus far, $96,172.85 in debt owed to Mark Guma Communications, Inc has been “written off” by the Cy Vance campaign in a subversive manner, and thereby evading campaign finance limits placed on corporate donations.

· (Section 14 of Election Law)The New York State Board of Elections has ruled that a company or corporation that engages in public relations does not typically lend money to its clients. Therefore, “any loan by the company which is not repaid by the date of the election would be deemed a contribution in accordance with the provisions of the law. If the amount not repaid to the corporation on the date of the election exceeds $5000, the corporation would be in violation of section 14 of Election Law which limits corporate contributions to $5000.” (NYS BOE 1977 Opinion #8)

· In addition, if the company extends credit to a campaign for services performed, with the INTENT to eventually write off the debt, this is considered an act to violate and evade the contribution limits set forth in section 14 of Election Law. (NYS BOE 1977 Opinion #8)

· Section 14-126 of State Election Law clearly states that (3) Any person who knowingly and willfully contributes, accepts or aids or participates in the acceptance of a contribution in an amount exceeding an applicable maximum specified in this article shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

· Section 14-126 of State Election Law clearly states that (4) Any person who shall, acting on behalf of a candidate or political committee, knowingly and willfully …makes expenditures in connection with a nomination for election of any candidate, or solicits any person to make any such expenditures, for the purpose of evading the contribution limitations of this article, shall be guilty of a class E felony.

· Of further consideration, and perhaps more intriguing, is the fact that Mark Guma is married to Maura Keaney, Mike Bloomberg’s Field Operations Director for the 2009 mayoral race. Keaney worked with John Haggerty and was allegedly involved in the Election Day poll operations and planning that has come to light in recent weeks that involved alleged criminal activities.

· Keaney was moved out of her job with the campaign committee in February, around the same time the NY Post began reporting Haggerty’s enormous Election Day pay-off.

· It seems that Cy Vance was receiving his big pay-day from Mark Guma Communications, Inc.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

microphone grabbed from Yetta Kurland's hand her voice silenced

I got this report!!!   This was sent to me.... Note:  The NYPD were cool and did not arrest anyone.  No one was trying to break the law but people wanted to be heard.  It is an outrage that the West Village and surrounding area have no hospital. Why are we bailing out banks but not a hospital that serves the community front line?

------ this is the info I was sent ----- At last night's Community Board 2 meeting, they called the cops out on some angry citizens, but thankfully nobody was arrested. And then Brad Hoylman, who ran the meeting, silenced Yetta by forcibly yanking the microphone out of her hands and walking away with the mic. He didn't like what she had to say at the public meeting, and so he censored her !
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1LrNsWpyq8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eweH4aRJa3g

Mike Bloomberg defended BP he was wrong (again)

Mike Bloomberg term limits deal ordeal was criminal in my opinion and ditto for defending BP.
Looks like Mike Bloomberg was wrong again but his attitude is he has more money than anyone else in NY so who cares!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Barbie Doll Syndrome -- I made this term up by Suzannah B. Troy

I made up the Barbie doll syndrome up quite a long time ago to describe men that are abusive, controlling and always blame the victim. They are very controlling, distort the truth and no intimacy with a woman is required for them to obsess, focus or fantasize about a woman and hope that she will be his living breathing barbie doll. Of course no woman could put up with this, at all or very long and a narcissist with a fragile ego could get violent especially if his "barbie" is not reflecting back what he wants or needs....  

As I said no intimacy required. He may start with just "words", a verbal assault or series of them blaming the woman and can escalate. The worst case scenario is murder. Men suffering from The Barbie Doll Syndrome are misogynists. They are narcissist, liars....they speak partial truths or flat out lies. They are very vain creatures and their focus on women -- weighing them and judging them, attempting to control them again is relief for their terrible flaws which they can't face and compensate with by being vain and obsessed with looks. They hate themselves but focusing on a woman, attempting to control her is a vacation from their self hate....disparaging her, lying about her, blaming her is also a vacation from their self hate.

FBI denies giving Joran Van Der Sloot $25K by Suzannah B. Troy

The FBI denies giving Joran Van Der Sloot $25K that Der Sloot supposedly used to fund his Peru trip to gamble and to murder.

My readers know I continue to compare this misogynist sicko to the characters in "The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo" by Stieg Larsson.  It so happens that Joran Van Der Sloot was researching the currents and one possible theory is to dispose of his latest victim's body in the water just like one of the serial killers in Larsson's book who's real title in Swedish is "The Men Who Hate Women".

The question is are there more victims that have been tossed in the water and small animals?

The prison he hopefully will be going to for life in Peru is scary to look at and has a very rough reputation. Inmates have been murdered in there so maybe he will be given prison justice and be treated the way he treated women.  He is 6 foot 3 so over powering his victims would be easy.  I use the word victim and I mean it in the sense of any woman he may have over powered, roughed up and or intimidated.  

He was not able to hide the evidence of how he treated her like a Barbie doll when she wouldn't act the way he wanted,  breaking her neck.  So far there is no proof of sexual assault, however her body was only partially dressed.  More important than sex is this sicko's ego and clearly she shook him up in some way and paid with her life; a complete tragedy.

When he did confess he cried and he said he was high on pot.   He blamed the victim of course, no surprise there.

My readers know I made up a term, "The Barbie Doll Syndrome", about abusive, controlling men that want women to be their dolls.  They  are obsessed with women and want females as  their Barbie's and do their bidding in reality and fantasy.    Intimacy and a relationship is not required for these sickos....

As mentioned before, Robert Chambers literally snapped a Barbie doll's head off and had a laugh with his adoring groupies making a reference to the murder of Jennifer Levin.  As I have said before, jurors were never allowed to see this infamous video.

Men suffering from The Barbie Doll Syndrome  are liars and  blame the victim.

Chambers said a cat scratched his face and that if he did kill her it was self defense because of rough sex on her part.  Yeah right.

There is talk of law enforcement attempting to make a reenactment but now that Joran Van Der Sloot has lawyered up, he is not going to be sharing more info.

There is said to be enough evidence to put him away.

I do believe she found information on his computer that he did not want her to see.  Some people think it had to do with him trying to force some sexual attention on her and she said no which enraged him but I don't buy it.   I am going with the theory she found disturbing info on his computer and he got violent.  He is such a sicko he may have made it sexual as well but DNA and evidence gathered at the scene of the crime will give us more information.

He needs to found guilty and jail in a Peruvian prison sound appropriate.  Most of all Natalee Holloway's body has to be found.

I can't imagine what these families are going through and clearly either can the murders family because they continue to attempt to cover for him.  His mother has said something to the effect his confession was coerced.  Yeah right.

Like Robert Chambers he is blaming the victim.

I have never met a misogynist that doesn't blame the victim.   We have all met creepy men that are abusive and of course blame the women the are victimizing and no actual murder is required.  Just rejecting these types or there fantasy world  is enough to enrage misogynists.   Sometime act out in creepy ways and don't murder their victims but all blame them.

Joran van der Skool -FBI funded trip - how about an Ap warning re: Misogynists

Joran van der Skool, a  vile creep. is like a character out of the Stieg Larsson book, "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" except the real title is "The Men who Hate Women". Don't forget this cowardly, sicko had his father saying, no body no crime attempting to cover up for his son regarding Natalee Holloway's murder. I wonder how many other causalities or perhaps victims there are?  Note: For now Joran van der Skool is technically innocent of the Natalee Holloway murder until proven guilty but he comes off as guiltier than sin.

According to The New York Post the FBI funded the Jordan van der Skool trip to Peru with money they paid him thru an intermediary as part of a sting operation to attempt to find Natalee Holloway's body and or any info plus get him on charges for something like extortion. 

It is very sad the FBI was not able to act quicker; actually it is also angering. They need evidence first and they said the did not have enough.

The FBI defends their actions or lack there of.

The article states Natalee Holloway's Mom is angry and I am sure if they reporter could have asked the parents of the newest victim, I am sure they would be quite upset and angry as well.

What a twisted, sadistic, misogynist, murdering creep der Skool is and who knew he would use the Mother of Natalee Holloway, taunting her yet again with false hope, to lie and extort money from her to fund a trip to go gamble and murder a woman in Peru; Stephany Flores Ramirez rest in peace

I wonder what der Skool's creepy dad is saying right now to cover for his son and in some way I see him as an accomplice because he covered up for his murderous, sadistic son....is the son just like his father? Both will be remembered for their heinous actions, arrogance and words.

How did this happen? It is too bad the global community could not have a warning that goes off when monsters like this are on the move and someone could have warned his latest victim to stay away.

How about an Ap (short for application) for your iphone "misogynist alert" with warning so when these creepy men approach you can run their name or photo through the program and find information posted on their hateful acts towards women?

How many other women or animals has this guy sadistically murdered, I wonder? After all his father's attitude is no body no crime so maybe there are other bodies that have been disposed of?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sabina Rose O'Donnell please help find her murderer!

Anyone with information in this case can call the Citizen's Crime Commission at215-546-TIPS. Callers can remain anonymous.

1800-577 TIPS 

NYC doesn't have accurate rape data -- Central Park sex assault one misogynist caught


Joran van der Sloot confesses by Suzannah B. Troy

Joran van der Sloot confessed to killing Stephany Flores, a business student,  but he wanted to make it clear it was her fault for intruding on  his privacy.  He therefore broke her neck and disposed of her like garbage.

He has yet to confess to murdering Natalee Holloway but he has been busted for toying with her Mother selling her false information regarding where Natalee's body could be found.   Click here for the criminal complaint filed against him.

Remember Robert Chambers surrounded by a group of adoring young women all having quite a laugh when he broke the barbie doll head off the barbie body and than said "oops".  Laughter all around and the jury was not allowed to see this tape.

He was referring to killing Jennifer Levin.  Remember he said a cat scratched his face?

Misogynist's lie, the blame the victim, they want to control her and the most extreme murder them.

How many women has Joran van der Sloot murdered?   Seems like he took pleasure in toying with Natalee's Mother as well as the media attention until the Peruvian police collared him.  He seems like a vile and despicable misogynist right out of Stieg Larsson's book, "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" but the real title in Swedish is "The Men Who Hate Women".  This cowardly disgusting murderer could easily be a character from his book.  

Do you think Joran van der Sloot is a narcissist and perhaps he did not like the reflection of himself he saw in Stephany Flores' eyes when possibly discovered he was accused of the murder of Natalee Holloway and therefore murdered her 5 years to the date that he perhaps murdered Natalee?

For those who don't know I also have a blog called Misogynist NYC.