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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Misogynist NYC not safe for women




I can't express tow women and transgenders that NYC is not a safe city for females so be alert.  When NYC had the condom competition the decision I submitted was "Make Wise Choices" but females of all ages know that no relationship at all is required for abusive men from verbal abuse to disrepecting, lying, stalking, cyber stalking to the worse kinds happen way to frequently here in New York.  Often abusive men lie and blame the victim trying to convince her she is to blame and accuse her of what they are guilty of.  They are very controlling.  All warning signs...

We even have an accidental governor who supposedly supports women's rights but has two aids who happen to be his friends that have 911 calls of women calling the police on them but that Dave Paterson just didn't care.  My point is political speakers sound good when they talk but their actions speak counter including rewarding women that have sexual relations with them with jobs and or as well promotions.

Be alert as possible and if you have concerns go to the NYPD.  If you can also consult a lawyer, tell as many people as possible and take as many measures as possible to stay safe.  Try to have friends walk you to your front door.  Be careful the people you ask for help are not preying on you as well.

Ask guys about their dating track record.   Have they every got a woman pregnant?  Did she get an abortion.  Try and find out as much as possible about their past relationships and their friends.  If they don't have any and have no social life look out.

Just be careful -- this is a dangerous city for women and the violence towards females doesn't always show up in the NYPD Stats.