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Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube

Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube https://www.youtub...

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Help catch murder that walked down the street with dead women in suitcase


NYPD - Official New York City Police Department Web Site

Call 1-800-577-TIPS (8477); Text "TIP577" (plus your message) to "CRIMES ...
www.nyc.gov/nypd - Cached - Similar

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Video footage may have suspect w/ suitcase dead murdered woman in side welcome to Misogynist NYC


Welcome - we women are verbally abused, lied and trashed about, blamed for everything including violence directed at us including by other women.

Every kind of excuse is used to try and blame women for being violent whether it is a verbal attack or the worst case scenarios like this one.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

NYPD Daily Blotter The NY Post Dec. 15 alleged raped a woman in Webster Hall

I can't find the link -- NY Post website is so frustrating and you cannot read or post comments from your phone which makes the NY Post practically Stone AGE!!!!!!!!

NYPD - Official New York City Police Department Web Site

Crime Stoppers. Call 1-800-577-TIPS (8477); Text "TIP577" (plus your message) to "CRIMES" (274637); Submit Internet Tips ...

WABC Weather woman cries rape and it appears she lie! There are women that are part of the Misogynist Club and she is one making worse for all women


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dave Paterson's best friend he had on the payroll who alleged rough up his girlfriend finally axed!

12/14/2010 3:08 PM
Welcome to Misogynist NYC! Shame on Paterson and truly he should be huddled with defense attorney to fight not to go to jail for ever so quietly and gently intimidating a victim in to silence. Now he quietly fires his best buddy and that makes 2 on the payroll with 911 calls on their resume because of women that were fearful. Thanks Elliot Spitzer for screwing how many millions of NYers as well as your sexworkers.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/assault_aide_quietly_axed_zOOZVcgwBrVSYztSKIjJqL#ixzz187QcCO2g

NY has a Jack the Ripper murdering sex workers


In the old days sex workers did not count as human beings so it wasn't like anyone would actually care or make catching their murderers a priority.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bernie Madoff's Son kills himself Mercer St. -- early this am I wrote CB2 accusing the of economic apartheid Soho between the have's and have not's and reminded them how many rich lost everything...how haunting to wake-up and find out this news underscoring my point by Suzannah B. Troy + another women dies death by violent men

Bernie Madoff's Son kills himself Mercer St. -- early this am I wrote CB2 accusing the of economic apartheid Soho between the have's and have not's and reminded them how many rich lost everything...how haunting to wake-up and find out this news underscoring my point.

Bernie Madoff and his wife are awful people and awful parents.  This is horrible news and he should not have killed himself and to do so with his child in the apt. was also wrong.  Very disturbing news but a lot goes on in Soho above the radar until dead bodies start showing up.

Maddoff family prayed at the alter of wealth.  They suckered people and had them buy in to their fake phony charade and all their wealth stolen or gotten perhaps even 
"not stolen" has done nothing for them.   Being so wealthy and above the law and scrutiny certainly did not help.  I read in Page 6 that when SEC investigators came to Madoff they ended up handing him resumes.  Too bad people are mesmerized by money or the illusion of it...the greed and corruption of it hidden like a toxic waste dump hidden in glittery jewels but all people including the authorities respond to is the glitter.

Anyone following my blog knows I have been reporting on the manager of The Mercer Hotel calling the NYPD on the Veteran and Vendor artists hoping to get them ticketed or arrested over any little infraction and yet the Mercer breaks the law using their "loading and unloading zone for the hotel" as private parking with valet service.  The doormen get tips and they also act like thugs -- just one example --  approaching me out on Prince St. and ordering me to stop filming him.  I have news for the rocket scientist...if he is at the door where he is suppose to be on Mercer St.  maybe I wouldn't be filming him but I have gotten a lot of disturbing reports of goings on including the Vets feeling like they are enduring at work place harassment by people that work at the hotel with one goal and that is to have them swept off the streets of Soho like trash.

Soho/W. Village was created by artists that did not have money.  Some still live there and have made money but are soulless wonders who married rich and used their rich spouse to get $ and than dumped them.  Need I say more?

Anyway I wrote Community Board 2 this morning at the crack of dawn - actually before dawn and noted I got a letter in response to my concern from the Manhattan Borough commissioner that the loading and unloading sign outside the Mercer was unaccounted for which translates in to stolen.   There is more to this story but I won't share anymore details.

There is more and I just expressed my anger at how the rich white people of Soho including CB2 use the NYPD to do their bidding and are above the law.   I also pointed out that any of them (the ruling class) could lose all their money as most recently experienced and I was referring to the Wall St. Implosion, Mortgage meltdown and Bernie Madoff.

How haunting to wake-up and later find out Madoff's son had killed himself and not far from from the symbol for me of arrogance and being above the law--  the Mercer Hotel for how they have called the NYPD over and over yet are confident the NYPD will never ticket them and their clients for parking in the loading and loading and let me say this "etc.".

I would also like to point out the arrogant rich ruling class is above the law and do what ever they want abusing alcohol, drugs, etc and are above the radar until there is a dead body as in the recent tragedy of this young swim suit designer.  There is more to this story than meets the eyes.  Her parents are in denial about one thing and that is what she put in her body.

Soho House is part of the elitist arrogant ruling class that even bends it's price for "youth" if you can believe it.  (Gee, I wonder why they do that?) 

You don't help the Charlie Sheens of this world by letting them live above the law.  It is amazing that Sheen is still alive and also that he and other celebrities like him have not killed someone including driving drunk or high like a (racist, anti-semitic) Mel Gibson to name just one of many.

I do understand Sylvie Cachay dating a bad guy because NYC has very, very few good guys and they are all or mostly married.   I understand her trying to fix a guy or seeing a ray of goodness in his darkened twisted soul....so many women do.  

Tina Negron was a beautiful soul who helped her handicapped mother.  She was murdered in the East Village in the Key Foods supermarket where she worked and she and a brave friend fought off her  machete knife wielding ex-boyfriend but Tina would not live.  Tina dated this guy and he was clearly mentally ill and beyond any kind of healing and breaking up with him like so many women meant a death sentence. 

To me Tina's life counts as much or even more because she lacks the wealth and privileges of Sylvie.  Tina had written a powerful poem and she did not have Sylvie's wealth upbringing so she is all ready forgotten.  Most of us me included can't begin to imagine the privileges, wealth and perks of Sylvie Cachay but in the long run they worked against her.

Tina Negron's poem

“I see souls being lost because young brothers and sisters don’t know how to act,”
“I see the whole world coming to an end. I see me dying, but me fighting, on what’s on my mind, is trying to be, and that is really a message to you.”

I do give the NYPD highest praise in these two cases and any cases where they catch the monsters who murder women and in this case I should say "alleged".

Now Sylvie joins Tina Negron and so many women in NYC that died death by a violent man...welcome to Misogynist NYC but Sylvie's death all exposes the wealthy elitist ruling class above the law, above the radar until someone ends up dead.

Rudy Giuliani chimes in about the 9-11 bill trashed by Republicans - put your money where your mouth is Rudy.

I voted for Rudy every time he ran but I would never, ever vote for him again.  He was too busy at a Yankee game when all hell broke lose downtown between the FDNY and NYPD and I can't remember was Judi his newest mistress at the time?  Rudy had just given another raise and promotion to his younger mistress courtesy of the tax payers which even the Notorious Bill Clinton did not do. Rudy made a fortune but his best friend and appointed police commissioner is in jail so why doesn't Rudy just enjoy the mega-millions he bankrolled thanks to his NYC job or better donate 5 or 10 million to the FDNY NYPD PAPD and EMS and those who need medical care 9-11?

p.s.  I clearly was not alone when I voted for this guy but like Bloomberg I learned the hard way -- NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Aussie accused of drugging and raping woman

This kind of think goes on way more than is ever reported.

Stay alert and do not leave your drink unattended...don't drink heavily -- it could mean life or death...yours.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

East Village blogger that photographed homeless people naked urinating exploited them at their most vulnerable in the hospital


Marlene is African American and blind in one eye mentally ill and yes she is violent sometimes - but he made her a blog posting to be ridiculed and mocked.

Laura Garza's alleged murderer finally indicted

Really and truly if anyone has any information even at this late date they need to come forward because this guy needs to be in jail for life.

Laura Garza is another young woman who thought she could go out and have some fun and she was wrong.

In NYC women, girls, children don't even need to leave their home to be murdered.  There is way too much violence but especially directed at women.

She was thrown away like garbage, same for Imette St. Guillen and Jennifer Moore....

  1. Contact Us - NYPD - Contact Information

    Crime Stoppers: 1-800-577-TIPS Crime Stoppers (Spanish): 1-888-57-PISTA Cop Shot : 1-800-COP-SHOT ... NYPD Switchboard: 1-646-610-5000. Manhattan ...
    www.nyc.gov/html/nypd/html/.../contact_information.shtml - Cached - Similar

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mike Yanks Sex Blogging School Teacher but can we Yank Mike Bloomberg by Suzannah B. Troy


Mike Bloomberg yanks sex blogger school teacher from class room but what about Mike explaining term limits, breaking campaign laws and Steve Rattner to NYC school kids? Yank Mike Bloomberg

Mike Bloomberg explain to me what you will say to kids if they ask you about term limits, breaking campaign laws and why your best friend and money manager was involved in NY Pensions accused of pay to play and why your BF Steve RAttner pleaded the 5th more times than you have been mayor 62 times which reminds me their are 62 emails you sent to Haggerty you refuse to turn over to the NY Post and why isn't Cy Vance and Haggerty's defense attorney asking you to turn over the 62 emails.  Could these emails bring you and your deputy mayors and campaign staff down as in you would yanked from you 1 dollar a year job as mayor?

NY Post talks about Dave Paterson's fear but leaves out going to jail where he belongs! NYC has too high a threshold for corrupt politicians and violence towards women!

Dave Paterson should be fearful of not going to jail.  NYC came in last of 50 states for voter turn-out.   The only issue NYer tolerate more than corrupt and ineffective politicians is violence towards women.  This guy threw every bit of $ he could towards friends and family starting with benefiting his father and many very pretty girl friends that I am sure were just girl friends and worse were his guy friends who at least had two 911 calls by women afraid for their safety on their resumes.  In my opinion Paterson is guilty of quietly and gently intimidating a woman to not testify against his BF. He also wasted so much money when he was not directing tax payer $ his nearest and dearest including large amount of state troopers to guard his massive ego.  I despise Mike Bloomberg for all his corrupt dealings including pushing through third term with slush and intimidation w/Quinn's help + breaking campaign laws but at least Mike is intelligent but why aren't these guys and Christine Quinn and gang behind bars already? Spitzer screwed an entire state of people and Paterson should be fearing jail.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Women of the World Unite!!!!!!!

The Time is NOW to Stand Up,
Unite and FIGHT BACK

This past August, activists attended a historic Women’s Anti-Imperialist Conference in Montreal
Attend a Special Forum to hear reports on:
● a newly-formed International Women’s Alliance
● issues at home and abroad impacting women and our communities; building NYC metropolitan grassroots campaigns
● a plan of action for International Working Women’s Day, March 8, 2011
Saturday at 4 p.m.
December 4 
SPECIAL FORUM with a video from the Montreal Conference
and cultural presentations
Following Forum dinner, social & music

SOLIDARITY CENTER,  55 W. 17th St.  5th floor, ManhattanFor more information, call 212.633.6646 or email wfnetwork-ny@peoplesmail.net
Sponsored by:  Women’s Fightback Network which includes activists from Bail Out the People Movement; Coalition to Save Harlem; Fight Imperialism, Stand Together (FIST);
Filipinas for Rights & Empower ment (FiRE); GABRIELA USA; International Action Center; La Peña del Bronx; May 1 Coalition for Worker and Immigrant Rights;
Million Worker March Movement; 
People's Video Network; Picture the Homeless; TWU Local 100
 and more.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mike Bloomberg Steve Rattner's Cyber thug Misognyist sexual missive + secretive Mike Bloomberg pick for School Chancellor

Oh dear, last not I got another comment and it was sexual and misogynist on behalf of Steve Rattner which also incorrectly stated I defamed Steve Rattner.

Note that I and many people agree that Steve Rattner is a crook.  I sent out the comment and what was pointed out to me is Steve Rattner will never sue anyone for defamation of character because oops, you don't get to plead the 5th over and over like he did to the S.E.C.  Rattner pleaded the 5th more times than Mike Bloomberg, Steve's BF, that stands for best friend has been mayor.

The good news about the systematic and on going harassment by Mike Bloomberg and Steve Rattner's cyber thuggery is more info and more people wanting to talk to me.

It is amazing how unpopular these guys are except with the people and groups receiving money and perks or chunks of Manhattan real estate in the shadiest of ways like Bloomberg and gang trying to help NYU get "commercial zoning"to build an NYU hotel and massive complex that even kicks Mayor  La Guardia's Statue to the curb.   Mike Bloomberg may have made a deal with the pres. of NYU, you run down and testify I must have a third term and my socialite A lister mega millionaire city planner will make this shady deal that makes La Guardia Place to Mercer look like Mid-Town and Dubai go through just like we made the illegal air sale by the USPS to NYU over St. Ann's from 1847 at 120 East 12th go through.  You must walk by and see the dorm with the facade from St. Ann's and a hideous sky piercing hotel oops dorm that belongs in a city with no imagination.

By the way I called up the head of Environmental crimes at the State Attorney's office and had him speak with Andrew Cuomo oops Andrew Berman..   I was told we have a case to go after the USPS and NYU but the AG wasn't going to sue for us, we would have to.

I was also alerted to alleged campaign improprieties by Cy Vance which could be another reason that Cy Vance won't prosecute Mike Bloomberg for breaking campaign laws and not declaring money he wired the day before to the Independence Party which is a Misdemeanor A.

It was also pointed out to me last night that Mike Bloomberg picking a new school chancellor was done in secret and again Mike Bloomberg had no checks and balances.   Bloomberg's legacy is tainted with the term limits debacle now a 2 year debacle, a reckless tsunami of development on old NY's infrastructure with a death toll, mass displacement and streets that were better in Colonial Times.

People don't understand how Bloomberg can stand by Rattner who had to step down from his White House job and appears to Paid to Play including paid to not go to jail another form of pay to play and I was even asked by one New Yorker to put in my YouTube this question.  Mayor  Bloomberg how do you explain to school children how you stand by Steve Rattner?

Well maybe Mike's response is to hire a magazine media "gal pal from the A list"to spin to the kids.

How secretive was Mike Bloomberg about hiring Ms. Black?  Very secretive and again I was asked was her magazine career on the down fall.  I was told her failed attempt to create a new mag cost big bucks for her and her partner and backers....is this job a golden parachute?   Just joking about the "gold" status.

Mike was very secretive as he has been about all his back room dealings, his trips to the Cayman, ooops I meant to write Bermuda early Friday mornings.

Getting back to Bloomberg's cyber thug who has been harassing me for a very long time, he stole Tony Avella's identity twice when Tony was a city council member and not a YouTube member to harass me and anyone anti-Bloomberg making rude comments that even bordered on racist including to Brenda Stokely who I interview at a Bloomberg protest at a campaign office he had in an empty store front.  Brenda Stokely critical of Bloomberg and Charter Schools and the fake Tony, the stolen identity of Tony makes comments Tony or no decent person would make.

I urged Tony to go the NYPD and to Google.  The 2 fake Tony Avella accounts were suspended.  One of the few in the slew of mass amounts of sock puppet accounts on behalf of Mike Bloomberg and Steve Rattner.

Now Tony Avella a NY State Senate-elect is challenging Ms. Black's qualitifacitons.....well she has none so good for Tony.   I made a small donation to his campaign and I backed a real winner.

What Mike Bloomberg and his corrupt gang do not understand is if you work for the City of NY your work to serve the people not dictate to them.

I watched Client 9, the Spitzer movie and I thought wow, the couple that came up with the Emperor Club VIP name was so smart because that is what it is all about for these people.  They all want to be emperor and they are so corrupted from their very soul to their arrogance to their denial which is their crack cocaine.  One huge difference between Spitzer and Bloomberg is I believe Spitzer actually really cared about people before he completely lost his mind.

The movie Client 9 underscores why we should not have business man as politicians because they do not want any checks or balances....non what so ever and that is how Bloomberg operates as an Island on to his own and he has greatly harmed this City and the people that fight to remain here.  Bloomberg and gang may be responsible for the largest mass displacement of people since the atrocity of the American Indians but here no violence and mass murder was required.

I am reposting this on my my other blogs including Misogynist NYC.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Charlie Sheen sex workers violence are bad boys like this Misogynists? by Suzannah B. Troy

Oh dear...you know how bad boys seem to OD, over dose on women....?  Well one sexpert says guys like this are really misogynists....surprise!


Patrick Wanis, a human behavior expert and celebrity life coach, said Sheen's history of mistreating women and patronizing prostitutes are signs of misogyny.
"When you're violent toward women that means you have deep-seated rage and anger," said Wanis, who works with clients in New York and Miami.
"Until he resolves that, he's going to continue having problems. Fame and fortune and good looks don't make up for whatever emotional pain he has."

Clearly a lot of women are feeling Charlie Sheen's pain...there has got to be a better way to communicate.

Guys doing their dirty dog routine are not what they appear to be.  They want to send off a message they are studs but the message they are sending is a red light that something is very, very wrong inside themselves.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/gossip/2010/10/26/2010-10-26_charlie_sheen_could_get_tragic_end_unless_he_confronts_emotional_problems_needs_.html#ixzz13eATNMzd

Here in NYC you see very sick men making a big show of eyeballing under age girls...are they "eye ball" pedophiles?     I would say yes and maybe even real ones.  Advertising uses the under age pedophile lure which is also truly disgusting and can be seen on billboards around NYC as well.

I guess that is why Apple has a free sex offender App with GPS.

If you download it you can see an entire building by Tompkins Square Park which happens to have 3 children's playgrounds.


Big balls, catch lying cheater's sex-texting w/ new App + Christine Quinn's legal bills, is their an App for how much corruption costs NY tax payers by Suzannah B. Troy

I hear this a lot....You have big balls.   http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/25675059 What does that mean?  I don't have balls but what does big balls actually signify?  If guys are carrying around belly fat what does that mean....do you really care?  A woman wrote this article (it is 2 years old and not that great but titillating for lack of a better word) and it includes an excerpt from this MD urologist who has been answering women's questions on guys anatomy so much he co-wrote a book that perhaps might enlighten, entertain or perturb you...  Just remember MD's don't know everything...

Next....The NY Daily News has an article on catching your cheating boyfriend or girlfriend with a new App, Application that you sneakily put on their guy/gal's phone and guess what....?  The text messages will be forwarded to you without his/her knowledge.


I have a question:  Aren't you a liar and a sneak if you violate your lover's personal property and put an application on their phone without their knowledge?  You sound like a pretty awful person who thinks your lover is doing something bad and they may or may not but if you sneak an Application for spying on to your lover's phone that is pretty awful and in theory isn't that against the law?

Tiger Woods may have set a Guinness Book of world records firing off the largest amount of sex-texts to the most women possible without his wife knowing.

If you are married or in a committed relationship and have concerns about cheating than branding your partner's forehead with "M" for married or monogamous  is highly effective and recommended except that only 50 percent of marriages last and often it is about economics...sorry folks.

If you have that many suspicions about a lover that you would consider paying $4.99 for an App to spy on them you probably shouldn't be with that person and if you are married did you have suspicions before you got involved...?  Yes, you did.  He or she didn't change but suddenly you have?

Is there an Application yet for New York tax payers on how our money is being stolen, abused and how much the legal bills for Christine Quinn and her staff are costing us considering they have hired top defense attorney's including the same firm Goldman Sachs uses Sullivan & Cromwell.

There should be free Applications of each city gov. worker and how much their legal bill have costed the tax payer and continue to cost us.   How does someone at City Hall get approval to use Sullivan & Cromwell, a top, high priced law firm that specializes in White Collar Crime?

No wonder they want 3 terms or no term limits.  Only at City Hall do you get to steal tax payer's money, direct it to fake organizations, have your wife, husband, partner, sister, etc. on the payroll and get the people of NY to pay for your top defense attorneys....life is sweet and don't forget NY City Council had a lousy attendance work and got to vote themselves a raise and deny us a referendum and vote to stay on a third term.

Sweet.... You can laugh but Bloomberg's Republican deputy mayor wants to close firehouses and wants major cuts to the FDNY as just one example of cuts and lay-offs to come.

When are people going to say enough is enough?

Friday, October 1, 2010

Donald Trumps rich guy friends get in trouble with the law re: underage girls, this makes 2 Trump pals so far + Trump Soho Hotel law suits

That makes 2 pals of Donald Trump that have gotten in trouble with the law regarding activity involving under age girls...the other being Jeffrey Epstien who has some good friends here in NY besides Donald Trump like Page 666 of The New York Post.


The article also mentions that Donald Trump and his kids are being sued by condo buyers of The Trump Soho Hotel.  Remember Christine Quinn did not show up to chair a city council task force meeting where I was a rousing speaker and my theory is she did not do so because the audience was packed to capacity with anti-Trump protestors who did not want this hotel built.

Chelsea Now owned by The Villager took down the article covering the City Council task force including a photo of me speaking from their internet website before Quinn ran to reclaim her seat and The Villager along with NYU hosted the debate between Quinn and her opponents Kurland and Derr.  I had just gotten the IPhone 3GS and I filmed live from the street The Villager and NYU turning away NY1 and other press including a reporter from City Hall news who wrote  piece that can be found on Huffington.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/wires/2009/08/13/public-press-barred-from-_ws_259303.html   There were seniors that stood on line patiently  to get in and where turned away as well as this handicap senior in a wheel chair that we fought for and it took way too long but finally we got him in.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_x1Ig-yhN1k

I believe Christine Quinn as usual supported developers in this case Donald Trump, business as usual for Quinn who tries to pass herself off as Jane Jacobs but is in bed with  real estate magnates -- not the people of the community.

Also note the community fought to prevent the Trump building from being built....there was debate about the air sale and the owner of The Villager having something to do with the air sale....The Villager offices sit in the base of the building that sold the air space and the owner owned a unit in the building as I recall but he says he sold it before the air sale. 

A construction worker died at  Trump Soho Hotel construction site.

in a separate lawsuit filed in August in Manhattan Federal 
Court, 15 buyers of the Trump SoHo Hotel sued Arif, Trump, his children, and Arif's partner, Alex Sapir, charging they had inflated sales in their marketing pitches to encourage them to buy into the condo.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/2010/10/01/2010-10-01_donald_trump_pal_tevfik_arif_busted_in_turkey_for_allegedly_running_hooker_ring_.html#ixzz116uSmpSb

Friday, September 24, 2010

Oliver Stone "Wall Street 2" "Bitch" Misogynist NYC Part 2 by Suzannah B. Troy

Yesterday I posted a piece on my blog Misogynist NYC about Oliver Stone's misogynist use  of the word "bitch".   My comment on Stone's mind set of the use and word  play of "bitch"  which I can't even use on The New York Post website because their comment section has word police apparently caused some controversy.   My posting along with one about NYU made Google Blog  News and now I am getting fan mail.  I will wait to see if the gentleman would like me to publish his very polite, pedantic and incorrect email.  I don't know what University he attended to get his fancy degree but he fails miserably on mind reading.
I posted this in response and below I wrote him back a response minus my tired and angry typos-- I will publish.

I  went back to The New York Post article and posted Bitch Part 2:

Oh dear, a man writes me and he has letters following his name and wrongly tells me the scene I am thinking of and how sympathetic Stone's Viet Nam films are too women but he ends with post script agreeing he can't defend the word the NY Post word police won't allow. He and of course so many men and women part of the boy's club don't want to get their own behavior and treatment like assuming he knows which film I was referring to and he is wrong and than I compare the scene I am referring to, to women bartering sexualfavors made one word to get past censors on the set to help their career. Of course this man's letters after his name means a privileged education I don't have and mind reading skills that need honing.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/business/stone_takes_greed_to_new_level_for_TqzViN2muDwwph3gEdkMCP#ixzz10Qz6BFYF

My response: No the scene is not in Platoon.
The soldier barters sex with a Viet Nam woman who is poverty level very much like women barter sex on set in hopes of stardom. 
So sick of men telling me wrong information. (Especially about me.)

The above is a response to the gentleman that wrote me that fails in mind reading skills but cannot defend Oliver Stone uses of the word "bitch".

I worked on the set of Wall Street and was non-Union promoted from a 12 hour day to a 17 hour day.  Oliver gave me crap and I stood up for myself.  He did not fire me and I have to say I really got along with him.  I believe the word use and mentality "men" tality is misogynist.   

It is a known fact that women barter sex in the film business and modeling industry  and in many different facets of existence here on earth-- not all but x amount.  Why?   Because as my first letter ever published and it was in The Financial Times comparing my painting and Lucian Freud's painting -- his use of an older woman's "naked" body -- I came to this conclusion all those years ago and it still hold's true, that women are lagging behind men from basic human rights to economic power.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRCFeXZkF00  To date the majority of my YouTube audience is can't grasp how I am using my body and why....how I am talking with anger about "the male gaze".

I made up the term "geo-sexual politics" along with "sub-zero trickle down". 

I can't find the link to my first letter ever published.  I have it somewhere packed away with the original article.

I have 9 letters published in The New York Times before they became like communist Russia and banned me/censored me and one is a powerful letter on women's bodies and our self-acceptance.  The letter was in response to women and porn.

The old grey lady -- some how a kinder female term than BITCH and the misogynist club that runs it - yet I believe they are real estate mongers, like NYU, look at The New York eminent domain Times building -- and unlike NYU it has become their Albatross and is sinking them....has buried my letters.  Too find them you need to search under my full name from the inception of the paper under "advance search".

Did Steve Rattner urge the owner of the NYTimes to buy this building that would bring the paper to it's demise?

More important that Oliver Stone's "Wall Street 2 Greed is good" are my YouTube series on Bloomberg, Steve Rattner and how greed and stupidity has brought NYC to the edge of the economic abyss and for everyone but the rich we are free falling in to economic hell.  We are in a recession that for poor people is really a depression and it will get worse next year and the years following.  Albany and City Hall did smoke and mirrors with the budget, business as usual including giving themselves raises and every king of perk imaginable and unimaginable if they possible could being chauffered every where possible if possible.

Will Steve Rattner, Mike Bloomberg's money manager be banned by the SEC for pay to play pension fund misdeeds and for pleading the 5th more times than Mike has been mayor to the SEC. Clearly Rattner has something to hide if he is pleading the 5th over and over.    I believe Rattner is good friends with many media movers and shakers and also manages the money of the owners of The New York Daily New and The New York Times.  You tell me.  I don't have a press pass.  I don't have the resources a reporter for a newspaper has.

In the meantime Bloomberg has yet to turn over 62 emails he sent to Haggerty and Haggerty debacle is Mike Bloomberg's Watergate.  Only a king can refuse to turn over emails to the district attorney.

Only a king can not declare campaign expenditures including donations, a Misdemeanor A and not go to jail...  Who makes donations totaling 1.1 million dollars the day before an election to help their campaign except a king?

only the king of New York could deny the people of New York a referendum two years in a row...and he could not have gotten the job done, circumventing the voters without Christine Quinn, his mini-me who is part of the boys club.

I made these YouTubes for next to nothing with zero budget and viewing them is free if you have computer access.

I could tell you I could write a better script than the one written for Wall Street 2 but I don't have to because I just make YouTubes talking about the greed and stupidity  that is destroying NYC.

I watched All the President's Men and if you want to get the bottom of Bloomberg's Watergate -- Haggerty -- follow the money trail.  What's his name resigns just like Steve Rattner to spend more time with his family.

Watch my YouTubes.....

I wish Oliver Stone good luck with Wall Street 2 and there is no doubt Michael Douglas will win an Oscar for best actor.  I believe his film on Richard Nixon reflected many of his own "soul struggles" as do many and or all of his films.  Like a painter Oliver takes his soul and puts it on the surface of a canvas.

Oliver Stone has not made piece with his "yin" energy -- his anima -- and like the porn film they made in to a mainstream film with Ellen Barkin or Tootsie -- I wish Oliver had to make it as a low income woman for a day or a few hours at least.

I made a new YouTube Channel called Bloomberg No CityTime.   Lucky for SAIC no one is investigating their track record although I did find some scandal about EPA super fund and Iraqi media.  Why, oh why would the City of NY hire SAIC in the first place?  http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2010/05/mike-bloombergs-citytime-is-tax-payers.html

But I also have a lot of questions of about real estate and financial dealings and I am part of a group that king Mike Bloomberg calls lawless partisan bloggers in The New York Times that is waiting for the SEC ruling on Steve Rattner.   I called the SEC but they haven't called me back.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Oliver Stone showing misogynistic colors - his word play -- BITCH

Oliver Stone the term which NY Post's word police won't even let me use is misogynistic and the thinking behind it as well. This goes on my blog MisogynistNYC and Oliver knows deep down in his inner recesses if he would allow himself to get to that place this is so wrong.  Remember his scene in the Viet Nam Saga on where a Viet Nam woman is sexploited by an American soldier?  You would think Oliver would be sensitive to women but clearly it is the same "scene" over and over even with word play!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Luke 8:17, is that like spiritual video cameras, first image Girl 27

For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out in to the open...

Luke 8:17

First image are the words above from Girl 27


Lies, character assassination, paying people to commit perjury...and more.

"The truth always wins."   Patricia Douglas

Truth is my vindication. The truth always wins, it comes out no matter what, how many years go by, no matter how you are lied about, the truth comes out...  Patricia Douglas from the film Girl 27

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Misogyny NYC hate the strange ways it comes out


hate -  fine line between love and hate -- zero respect -- look at the treatment -- not the treatment of love for women....

Monday, August 30, 2010

Tiger Woods won't say he loves his ex?

In theory it is none of our business but when Tiger Woods made himself over in to a multi-billion dollar brand and he used photos of his wife and children to express a wholesome family man image than he opens the door to these questions.  Acting like a bachelor  porn king and not a devoted family man, giving mistresses millions of dollars pay-outs and a very large undisclosed amount to his now ex-wife does leave some people, not me wondering.

As an adult child of divorced parents here is unsolicited advice to Tiger Woods or whom ever his handlers are.  Tiger, when reporters or anyone ask you, "Do you love Elin Nordegren?"  The answer is a no-brainer.

The answer is "Yes!"   She is the mother of our children."  That simple.  Why would I say that.  Not for your world wide audience of fans Tigers but for your kids.

As they grow up their peers may taunt them like throwing DVDs of porn parodies at them or taunt them saying your father did not love your mother.

Tiger tainted his reputation, his career and hurt his family  That was all Tiger's doing with the help of his enablers -- alleged friends.  My gut feeling is he has still not taken full responsibility and his silence when asked about if he loves Elin is just another clue.  Any fan that comes to his defense is not helping him.  He put himself in the global media's head lights and that helped fuel his fortune and now he has to take responsibility or not.  He could buy Hugh Hefner out and take-over his crown and scepter.  It is his call and his choices but Woods can't escape the glare of the media spotlight; I believe it is his cocaine.  He could walk away and live a quiet life and he doesn't.  If he wants to play golf and be a brand he has to stand up and take responsibility and smarten up.

Tiger, it is a simple answer to a simple question and you answer it for your two children.  Yes, I love my ex-wife.

By the way Tiger if you want to pay me for my words of wisdom you would have to pay a lot more than you paid women to be silent.  Good luck and err on the side of love for children's sake.

A note of praise for Elin Nordegren.  In my blog piece posted here asking if the "old Tiger was back sexually?" I had written I hope she does something good to help others.  I read some where she is going to do something wonderful with some of that money and it may be centers to help people that have gone through the trauma of emotional issues from family breaks up, etc.  I wish I had a link for you but the center and I hope there will be more than one will be in Florida.  Bravo Elin.

If Tiger wants to move the healing process forward share the love and gratitude for the mother of his two children to the world who has looked in from their very birth on.