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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tiger Woods is an unattractive man minus the money, what is it w/ unattractive guys w/money and without?

First I have to say I feel sorry for Tiger Woods kids. Second Tiger Woods is one of many men that if he did not have the big bucks would not be given the time of day by these women including his wife. If hearsay is accurate, she was less than impressed with him when he first expressed interest in her.

I have been cyber stalked, slandered, lied about and trashed and it tends be overwhelming male and they tend to be really unattractive guys. Some are married, some single, some rich, some not but they I believe are all misogynists and thank goodness I am not married to them or have a relationship. I do not care about them and their existence means nothing to me until I start getting disturbing missives which -- one: are alarming and two: makes me think about them and I think how repulsive and vile they are. If they had left me alone than I would never have known what truly gross creatures they are posing as humans.

It is amazing how men can talk about women and or their body parts, sometimes a lot of smoke and mirrors but it seems these type of men really don't like women very much at all or themselves. Talking about them, weighing them, objectifying them and cruel games make them feel somehow powerful. One example...Howard Stern who is extremely unattractive yet gets off on judging women -- all who are infinitely better looking than he and his punishment is he has two daughters. You think having daughters would make him somehow more sensitive to women but it hasn't, at least the last time I tuned in and that was a long time ago.

Barbie Doll Syndrome...they are adult men that want to play Barbie and dick-tate how Barbie should dress, what she should say or shouldn't mostly shouldn't. Barbie should know her place and mostly that is in a subservient demeaned state with no voice, no brains...purely cosmetic....as in object, pretty but sadly women that do do that dance look like they have had a lot of cosmetic surgery and wear a lot of cosmetics.

How ironic little girls play with Barbie dolls and adult men want to play with living breathing barbie dolls of their making.

Not to be the misogynist's barbie is to be the object of their rage and apparently they have a lot of pent up rage.

If they can't date you and control you with money and power than low income ones will try and control you other ways. I learned how to blog -- well partially blog from a man that apparently wanted me to be his barbie...no brains, no voice, no sensory receptors...he had it in his mind to give me a script and I was suppose to speak his lines....in his twisted mind he decided to teach me half of how to blog and I would have to come back to learn the other half from him -- it was a creepy power trip and I confronted him and he agreed he was doing that but he said I made him angry. I went to a cyber cafe and a staff member there taught me the rest of what I needed to learn to use blogger. The story is worse than that and he liked to tell people a lie that I was obsessed with him but oops he is the one with all the photos of me including the newest one taken in Tompkins Square Park when I had no idea he was around and he posted on his blog which is double creepy. How many photos has he taken that I was not aware of and did not post on his blog? I have no photos of him. I don't want any. I do not find him attractive. My point, even low income guys can be creepy, angry spiteful control freaks so look out and if they are offering to help you with anything they are most likely not sincere at all.

Also why do men blame women or project their crap or fantasies on to us? Deep seeded guilt and blaming the woman gives the man "relief", makes them feel powerful...rejection hurts their ego and striking out in destructive ways makes them feel some how powerful and in control although it is illusion. Toxic waste misogynist behavior is much more about compensating for feelings of powerlessness.

NYC is filled with really unattractive men and NYC is filled with the most beautiful diverse women on the planet of every shape, size and color and the high percentage of them are beautiful. Many really sweet, good women go out with bad guys...even ugly guys...why? Bad guys are a challenge, fixer uppers, women are too compassionate and there aren't many if any good single guys out there.

Even the ugly ones think they are Romeo so look out and there are far more men than women so look out. The odds are in men's favor.

A beautiful woman said she never found Tiger Woods attractive at all and she imagined because he was so unattractive that that would in fact make him a good husband...she assumed he would not cheat. Wrong. Even the fattest, most unattractive guys to the homeliest think they are Rock Hudson for the older crowd although he was gay or Brad Pitt.

The odds are in their favor because there are more males than females and around the globe it is a patriarchal structure that favors men having and abusing power.

Note there are good men and there are men that are fat, homely etc. that have beautiful souls and that makes them very attractive....how you treat a person is a deal breaker...the nicer you treat a woman the more attractive. There are some men so gifted with stunning looks that are so empty or repulsive they make the Elephant Man look like a prince.

Tiger Woods is taking the blame where most men not only refuse to take the blame but blame women for just about everything. Tiger would has a mega-million dollar motivation on taking the blame and apologizing and it has nothing to do with being a good human being, good husband, father which are all in doubt but everything to do with being a mega million dollar brand on his way to possibly becoming the first athlete "brand" to bust the billion dollar mark.

Tiger Woods' behavior is gross and thank goodness I am not married to him. I don't date married men. I can be friends with them but I don't date them but I understand why it might be hard for some of those women to turn him down or for others to pursue him. I am repulsed and most of all sorry for his children.

Note: Andy Warhol gave us the term "15 minutes of fame" and perhaps was the creator of "The Brand". When you talk about Tiger Woods and his indiscretions it all gets down to "brand" not his kids...it is about $$$$

Will this hurt "Tiger Woods" -- "the brand" and his 100 million plus earnings this year...? No, not at all. I never bought any Tiger Woods item and I am not about to either.