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Monday, December 7, 2009

NYPost runs pathetic piece that defends Tiger Woods and calls him handsome -- hello welcome to Misogynist NY author from England global epidemic

I could not find the article on line so I posted on two other Woods piece on NYPost website.

First of all Mr. Murdoch, how can you charge for a website where the search engine and website are awful? I wanted to find the pathetic piece published in today's paper from England by a friend of Woods that underscores how enablers assisted this train wreck. First the author describes Woods as handsome--get real. His mega bucks and fame were the lure and he puts down these women's looks. The women are better looking than Woods except for the hideous breast implants on some and collagen lips. When a woman has a baby or two -- her sex drive drops and it is chemical. It takes extra work on the part of the man to arouse her. It is hormones in place to make sure the baby is no. 1 but it can be worked through. Put a woman down and she will not want to have sex with you. Cheaters often do this so they can rationalize cheating. Woods sounds like an ego-manical sex addict that wanted to get caught and all his enablers by telling him how great looking he is, tolerating his temper tantrums helped to aid this train wreck and the children are the victims here. The wife needs to divorce him and take the kids as far away from the mega-wealth and glitz here in the USA. Tiger Woods is a "brand" and he was willing to apologize to protect his investment but if the report is true he blamed his wife for ruining Thanksgiving -- he is a typical abuser that blames the women which underscore the misogynist world we live in. These women are going to earn big bucks by telling it all -- kind of like acceptable porn and again it seems one of the few ways women can earn money. Again I feel most sorry for the children and I find Woods unattractive and his behavior extremely destructive.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/national/he_nonperson_on_nbc_HMizrjJWavVh5NKZ9koGJP#comments#ixzz0Z1CxS3Ni