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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Next will be the Tiger Woods porno movies--his kids will never live this down and I feel sorry for them -- Tiger's billion dollar brand is sunk

The NY Daily News publishes the most pathetic piece ever by a young woman who thinks defining Woods destructive behavior as "sex addict" some how excuses the behavior. How much did she get paid for this piece and is she connected by family or friends to Mort Zuckerman, the owner of The NY Daily News?

I wrote her and the paper this....

Please tell me how much you got paid to write this piece? I want to know.

Just because Tiger is labeled as "sex addict" doesn't mean anyone is excusing his behavior. In fact most people are not excusing it! He apologized to protect his almost billionaire "brand" and the women he committed adultery with are not excusing it and the majority are going to cash in on it because they want to make big bucks and there isn't a lot of ways to make big bucks especially for women unless it is demeaning oneself. Than apparently newspapers including this one will happily cover any scandal.

No one is excusing "sex addiction" or any addiction and they point is addicts are willing to destroy their lives, loved ones, etc. to get the next thrill.

You in fact got paid x amount of money to talk about this very sick twisted man. I am sorry but when I read your piece I couldn't help but think your parents or someone in your life is connected and that is how you got your "piece" in the paper.

Mort's rag has published many of my letters but when I did a brilliant art poster lampooning Mike Bloomberg the paper would not cover it. If I had slept with Tiger Woods, given Bill Clinton oral sex or been gang raped and murdered than the daily news would have written quite a bit about me but anything powerful -- actually brilliant-- forget about it. Note: I sent this email to the author and newspaper with the poster lampooning Mike Bloomberg that the NY Daily News somehow refused to cover. The poster was brilliant and right on the money.

with disgust,
Suzannah B. Troy
ps Mike Lupica stating men wish they could do what Tiger did -- explain -- Mike is a father -- what if his daughter had sex with Tiger and was flown all over, been given cash payments and her photo posted with many others -- it is okay for Lupica because he is confident his daughter would not make this mistake. What guy would envy having sex with a lot of women that are there for "it" for the money and association that comes with his success and this has all greatly harmed his daughter and son and will be very hard for them to deal with as they grow up -- so what is too envy.....Lupica seems like a nice man but really his reasoning is frightening...

This guy has destroyed his family and he sounds like he is addicted to ambien and other substances -- we may see an over dose on some prescribed drugs coming soon.....

Folks: A local blogger who has used my lead to cover local characters (one example -- when Cooper Union kicked Jim Mosaic Man's art to the curb) and goings on but turned on me because I would not be his girlfiend and have his baby (FYI we never got to first base) refused to photograph my poster and post it but did his best to capture a less than flattering photo of me as if I was Britney Spears but I am not and post it....What a mysognist world with real sick guys....really repulsive...you don't have to be a rich man to be vile and attempt to exploit women and be destructive to people....Woods was extremely destructive to his family but to everyone that did business and invested in him. Woods had enablers some even kidding themselves they were or are his friends but most benefiting from his Tiger Woods Brand.
Bottom line are they are a lot of very lonely and pathetic guys out there that are destructive...the newest on my list is a married man that has harassed me. I am guessing harassing me is more important than spending quality time with his wife and family. Scary, repulsive sick stuff...proof it is not just the uber rich bad boys...