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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Jeffrey Epstein -- has he learned his lesson or will he do more time behind bars? Hubris, arrogance lack of remorse = more jail time down the road

Jeffrey Epstein makes Tiger Woods look sexually mature and kind to women.

Only Jeffrey Epstein could make Tiger Woods look like a class act that knows how to treat a woman. There is one set of laws for the people and one for the rich. Epstein was confident he was above the law and even though he served time it sounds like he has not learned his lesson. Does this mean we will be seeing him on the app for sexual predators. If so that makes him the first billionaire to break that barrier.

Read more:http://www.nydailynews.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=82470#ixzz0abZnk7P9

Ghislaine Maxwell responsible for Epstein's entertainment? Working for him has been fortuitous. Maxwell is quite the girl friday-- read details below in article.... http://www.palmbeachdailynews.com/news/content/news/2009/07/15/epstein071609.html

Do you think Mort Zuckerman was given a heads up about Epstein and decided who cares -- let us invest money together in a magazine.

The magazine was a losing proposition.

Leslie Wexner, Is it okay as long as he doesn't mess with your daughters, right?

Epstein is good at making lots of money but somehow it doesn't seem like a winning proposition.

Billionaire friends of Epstein.....?
Ace Greenbergy?
Leslie Wexner?
Mort Zuckerman?
Ron Perelman?
Mike Bloomberg?
Donald Trump?

I would like to ask them if they had any idea about Epstein and Company?
A young woman told me her friend was photographed at a party and it turned out the photo was shown to Trump and next thing you know she was invited to parties...these guys like pretty young women at parties but they are not at the Playboy mansion where "the rules" are clearly defined. I guess it is all okay as long as it is not their daughters. I have not heard Donald Trump defending Jeffrey Epstein but I guessing Trump is in his corner.

Epstein served time but it sure sounds like he has zero remorse and is unwilling to take responsibility. Why should he?

Do you think he will end up in the jail for a 2nd time?

Until he is willing to take responsibility -- hmmm -- the answer is yes. He won't get busted in NYC anytime soon but yes my guess is he will end up behind bars again. Lack of remorse, hubris = more jail time to come for Jeffrey Epstein for sure.

I do not believe Epstein will ever take responsibility for his more than creepy behavior and I do believe he will end up in jail again with no more wiggle room to negotiate time off for good behavior.

Do you think Bill Clinton will continue to accept free rides on his private jet?

Yes, I think Bill Clinton and pals will still travel with him when offered a free ride as many have.

People knew but they did not care including those who would come a knocking asking money for their charities and they will keep on knocking and asking for money for their charities.

Just so you know typical of every abuser -- Jeffrey Epstein claims to be the victim. Remember how Bill Clinton lied about the intern that he lead on and gave gifts to even trying to paint her as stalker rather than own up to the truth.


http://cityfile.com/dailyfile/6615 Jeffrey Epstein described as creepy mogul reuniting with sex slave after getting out of jail early.

In one article above Epstein makes comments about buying a woman from abroad....it is not a joking matter.