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Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube https://www.youtub...

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Monday, December 28, 2009

19th Precinct -- do you have a billionaire sex offender in your midst?

The upper East Side may have it's first official billionaire sex offender. I am not sure. I don't have the resources of a news reporter but Jeffrey Epstein who may live in the same zip code as Mike Bloomberg may have to register here in NYC as a sex offender for getting busted in Florida.

According to what I have read http://files.wallstreetfolly.com/wordpress/tag/jeffrey-epstein/ the Feds sprung Epstein early so another "bail out" for a white collar guy that is less than ethical but the Feds think they need his help to dissect the Bear Stearns debacle. I wonder what his mentor Ace Greenberg would have to say about this or Leslie Wexner? I would like to ask them and a bevy of billionaires, ex-Prez Bill Clinton and our very own DA, "Morgy" for a comment. Epstein gives Hilary Clinton a big donation. http://www.newsmeat.com/billionaire_political_donations/Jeffrey_Epstein.php I don't understand, according to this link he gave Hilary Clinton $20,000 dollars for NY State senate run 2000?

Epstein got a sweet heart deal according to this article. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/09/17/egg-shaped-penis-jeffrey_n_290464.html There is video on this link and it is clear Epstein doesn't like the way he is treated, a man with a double standard...

Ghislaine Maxwell is described as recruiting an underage girl for Jeffrey Epstein in this article so in theory doesn't that qualify her for registering as a sex offender as well? http://www.palmbeachdailynews.com/news/content/news/2009/07/15/epstein071609.html

Epstein is not done attempting to degrade and inflict pain on his victims. Misogynists celebrate his antics and claim these young women are no victims but they are and Epstein is going out of his way to make Tiger Woods look sexually mature, down right kind and like a humanitarian.

Lucky for Woody Allen that he never took the young woman that was the daughter of his long term partner Mia Farrow to a Knick game in Florida. When the news broke about Mia Farrow finding photos of Soon Yi she nude left out by Woody Allen as if he wanted to be discovered by Farrow, the general public's first reaction was to say that Mia Farrow was crazy but in fact she was not only sane but she and her family, her children all very deeply violated by a man they invited in to their home and trusted as if he was a husband and "father" figure.

So New York City being NYC, Woody Allen was able to wait x amount of time and marry Soon Yi. Of course not even Woody Allen's biological son by Mia Farrow will speak to him but lucky for Woody Allen he was not tried and prosecuted and made to register as a sex offender. See this link for a website that states Woody Allen is a pedophile. http://judicial-inc.biz/woody_allen_with_mia_farrow.htm This site at the bottom points out that Woody Allen and his step-daughter wife are still on the A list for parties and events.
My thoughts...Ahhh New York is a hell of a town and lucky for the A-list that so far they are above the law!

If not so, Allen might be joining Epstein on the app (application) called "Offender Locator" that carries the name, address and photo of sex offenders. Apple's app store has a version that is free.

Her story is heartbreaking and she has a very good reason not to tolerate predators...read her story.