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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

X is severely over weight older man, dyes his hair & treats me like Britney and he is the paparazzi

I used to do a stand up comedy routine about "babies" and I would list my prospective focus groups...just comedy, fun...I had no idea someone was listening like a court stenographer.

X a blogger gave me a photo of the hawk -- a large print so I sad oops said -- it is very sad thought....let me take you to dinner. Sad is that I wanted to treat him to dinner not knowing his agendas and when I did not jump through his hoops the retaliation...on going along with the countless put downs to anyone one who would listen...

I am treating him to dinner , a much older man and he pops the baby question...we have never dated, kissed nothing. I am not attracted to him because he is too old and after a series of extremely unkind actions that have made him unattractive to me. He asked me to have his baby. I said no. He dumped on me but I never imagined how much he took for granted besides allowing me to treat him -- perhaps a metaphor for our "supposedly future" relationship he had in mind.

Note: He did once lean over and kiss me on the cheek but it was unrequited and it reminded me of this homeless man that kissed me before he was taken away in an ambulance wet and smelled like alcohol. I did not like...
Because I rejected him I was to be the focus on disparaging comments and flat out lies. The newest misdeed is he took a photo of me with out my knowledge which made me feel like Britney Spears...he did his best to make me look as unattractive as possible. I am nearly 50 years old but as unattractive as he attempted to make me -- if I bothered to mimic his behavior and stalk him and take photos of him from behind without his knowledge -- I could show you a far more unattractive photos of him. It is hard to believe I did not seem him or was he using an extra long lens? Note: The photo -- It is my back -- as symbolic as behind my back -- his modus of operand-us -- I am dead center and I guess looking at it you can tell I dye my hair too.

It is creepy to be stalked like a celebrity but I am not one and no one will pay him for the photo. Just has value to him and his fellow misogynists pals. One such pal harassed me so much after I had asked him to leave me alone I took all his emails to the NYPD and filed an aggravated harassment complaint. They can enjoy the photo at the next Misogynist club if they haven't already.

Beside the fantasy he indulged of me having his baby, he had one that I am obsessed with him yet he is the one with photos of me and seems to enjoy stalking me.

Funny but he dyes his hair and attempts to grow a beard like a radical photographer I admire but he is no radical. I had given this blogger some information regarding one of his favorite subjects a homeless artist and he did just my tips even ripping off my photo virtually taking the same with his more expensive camera without even a thank you.

Warning -- if you don't say yes to this type they trash you to anyone stupid enough to listen and again why not ask the misogynist why would you say that about her? Just so they have to listen to their own answer. Women don't want a big baby and a little baby...this is beyond childish...it is disturbing.

Oh, and X, an X bigger admiring fan told me he went to bed for two days and cried his heart out when I exuded admiration but it wasn't for him. X makes me feel like a rock star and he is a very unhappy groupie turned stalker...when he isn't bad mouthing...I just don't know who would really care to listen except someone like him....

I sent a link of the photo to the NYPD to illustrate that it is he that is obsessed with me and I am sure he has other photos of me as well.