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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Too high a threshold for violence, misogyny NYC, notice the guns tend to be in the hands of males and victims tend to be females...


There is way too high a threshold for violence and so many of us here in NYC live it every day on the "lowest grade" being victimized with words, etc. Even something as emails I have posted by an associate editor of a local rag are unacceptable and in a real newspaper the staff member would be fired but the bottom line is violence towards women in treating them badly in any shape and form is acceptable unless bullets fly. Than people pay attention.

These boys are part of a gang but in NYC it is men of all colors and background that are confident they can get away with any type of disrespectful hateful behavior they want as long as they don't murder anyone. They are women that are just as bad and part of the "club".

When it comes to these gun fights on the streets of New York they are almost always men or boys with guns and the random victims that tend to be in the wrong place at the wrong time be it their living room, in front of their homes with their children or a play ground with their grandchild are women.

I had such awful treatment I can only define as misogynist in the lobby of m ex-home and all I can say is welcome to Misogynist NYC. Girls and Women live in a hostile environment where bullets of abusive words can hit you or real life bullets from simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time...including on your living room couch watching tv.

The violence is unacceptable. The lack of respect for humanity and community unacceptable and as you all know the blatant misogyny is more so because it doesn't seem to register so how can we address what is unacceptable when society will not even acknowledge misogyny.