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Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube

Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube https://www.youtub...

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
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Wikipedia Page Suzannah B. Troy 6 yrs after Misogynist Cyber Vandalism, Censorship via Deletion on a page about Censorship, Bloomberg 3rd term, NYPD Rape Cops Joe Tacopina etc. Wikipedia Agrees to return PDF before Cyber Vandalism and Deletion


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Woman raped by guest who also robbed her of TV & electronics E. Village NYDaily News p22 Nov. 28

Novemember 28, The NY Daily News page 22 An East Village woman was sexually assaulted and robbed last week, cops said.

The young woman brought the man to her 14th St. home near Avenue B around 4am Sunday, when he raped her and stole her television and other electronic equipment.

The suspectt is described as 6 feet tall, about 25 years old.

Anyone with information please call crime stoppers 1800-577 Tips

Sunday, November 22, 2009

misogyny comes from self hate why the most unattractive men are the most judgmental of women

Have you ever noticed the men that tend to "weigh" women, judge them, rate them, pick on them tend to be the most unattractive, often grossly over weight men...even the men that come in pretty packages that tend to be very judgmental of women are like teapots filled to the brim under a hot fire but what is steaming out is their own self rejection that they artfully project on to women....

what a release of tension to dump on a woman when they feel so out of control of some very unpleasant feelings they happen t have....uh huh...about themselves and they don't want to confront those feelings so it is easier to project them forward on an outside object usually a woman and "beat her up" try and control her put her down...it is a down right vacation from their own self hate.

Same with these kids and young men running around with guns shooting them and if they did not have guns, it is knives, razors -- bottom line -- they are tuned in to the "hate" channel and better to hate and blame anyone than get to the root of what is really their own discontent...and that is putting it mildly.

Women fall in to this category as well but guess what -- they would rather dump on women or girls just like misogynist men go figure.

There is something wrong with the "men-tality" machismo you find in NYC these days and it's male and females members and they can be found in offices as easily as in the streets....

the entire city needs conscious raising....

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Too high a threshold for violence, misogyny NYC, notice the guns tend to be in the hands of males and victims tend to be females...


There is way too high a threshold for violence and so many of us here in NYC live it every day on the "lowest grade" being victimized with words, etc. Even something as emails I have posted by an associate editor of a local rag are unacceptable and in a real newspaper the staff member would be fired but the bottom line is violence towards women in treating them badly in any shape and form is acceptable unless bullets fly. Than people pay attention.

These boys are part of a gang but in NYC it is men of all colors and background that are confident they can get away with any type of disrespectful hateful behavior they want as long as they don't murder anyone. They are women that are just as bad and part of the "club".

When it comes to these gun fights on the streets of New York they are almost always men or boys with guns and the random victims that tend to be in the wrong place at the wrong time be it their living room, in front of their homes with their children or a play ground with their grandchild are women.

I had such awful treatment I can only define as misogynist in the lobby of m ex-home and all I can say is welcome to Misogynist NYC. Girls and Women live in a hostile environment where bullets of abusive words can hit you or real life bullets from simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time...including on your living room couch watching tv.

The violence is unacceptable. The lack of respect for humanity and community unacceptable and as you all know the blatant misogyny is more so because it doesn't seem to register so how can we address what is unacceptable when society will not even acknowledge misogyny.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Boys will be boys how did they get guns and even worse have no respect for human life, zero empathy and no sense of community?



Yes, they have guns and zero respect for life and community. They have no empathy or remorse.

I have list of names of victims, their ages and the fact that some of their murderers have not been caught...

I use the word murder the NYPost uses the word "killed" -- if I don't say unsolved the NYPD made an arrest....

I can't wade through the nypost's website to give you link...the post's website is the worst. If you are searching for anything on the nypost and nydaily news websites...good luck...

I can't find the list of photos of victims and link but they are mentioned in the article above....
From NY Post -- If I had the link you could see their photos which is more moving
Nyasia Pryear age 17 killed Jan. 18 unsolved murder
Christopher Owen age 12 killed April 26 unsolved murder
Diamond Flowers age 5 wounded May 28 unsolved
Davonte Kelly age 11 wounded June 7 unsolved
Jesselle Page age 44 murdered June 10 + Jesselle Page was gunned down in front of her 8 year old grand nephew
Anna Surman age 87 murdered Aug 2 unsolved shot as she stepped outside to feed neighborhood cats
Aisha Santiago age 25 murdered Sept. 25 murdered in front of her 9 year old son -- they happen to get caught in gang gun fire
Kevin Miller age 13 Oct. 2 walking home from school.

Sadie Mitchell 92 years old murdered Oct. 20 MURDERED sitting in her home watching tv -- a stray bullet went through her window.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mayor Mike Bloomberg speaks "fluent misogynist at City Hall"

Page 124 Mike Bloomberg, Money Power Politics by Joyce Purnik, she points out Mike Bloomberg's inability to control his mouth -- he couldn't contain uttering "nice ////" at the "bull pen" at City Hall... she quotes a top aide as saying he just couldn't help himself. Underscores my reference to John Berger's Ways of Seeing and what most people missed ----visually I am talking about the male gaze - visual power grab, just like real estate & financial...reading the mayor's comments was GROSS!!!

The misogynist track record is gross but I thought I would just highlight this one because it would do it over and over at work at City Hall and my YouTubes parody this "MENtality" although few people "got it".

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

X is severely over weight older man, dyes his hair & treats me like Britney and he is the paparazzi

I used to do a stand up comedy routine about "babies" and I would list my prospective focus groups...just comedy, fun...I had no idea someone was listening like a court stenographer.

X a blogger gave me a photo of the hawk -- a large print so I sad oops said -- it is very sad thought....let me take you to dinner. Sad is that I wanted to treat him to dinner not knowing his agendas and when I did not jump through his hoops the retaliation...on going along with the countless put downs to anyone one who would listen...

I am treating him to dinner , a much older man and he pops the baby question...we have never dated, kissed nothing. I am not attracted to him because he is too old and after a series of extremely unkind actions that have made him unattractive to me. He asked me to have his baby. I said no. He dumped on me but I never imagined how much he took for granted besides allowing me to treat him -- perhaps a metaphor for our "supposedly future" relationship he had in mind.

Note: He did once lean over and kiss me on the cheek but it was unrequited and it reminded me of this homeless man that kissed me before he was taken away in an ambulance wet and smelled like alcohol. I did not like...
Because I rejected him I was to be the focus on disparaging comments and flat out lies. The newest misdeed is he took a photo of me with out my knowledge which made me feel like Britney Spears...he did his best to make me look as unattractive as possible. I am nearly 50 years old but as unattractive as he attempted to make me -- if I bothered to mimic his behavior and stalk him and take photos of him from behind without his knowledge -- I could show you a far more unattractive photos of him. It is hard to believe I did not seem him or was he using an extra long lens? Note: The photo -- It is my back -- as symbolic as behind my back -- his modus of operand-us -- I am dead center and I guess looking at it you can tell I dye my hair too.

It is creepy to be stalked like a celebrity but I am not one and no one will pay him for the photo. Just has value to him and his fellow misogynists pals. One such pal harassed me so much after I had asked him to leave me alone I took all his emails to the NYPD and filed an aggravated harassment complaint. They can enjoy the photo at the next Misogynist club if they haven't already.

Beside the fantasy he indulged of me having his baby, he had one that I am obsessed with him yet he is the one with photos of me and seems to enjoy stalking me.

Funny but he dyes his hair and attempts to grow a beard like a radical photographer I admire but he is no radical. I had given this blogger some information regarding one of his favorite subjects a homeless artist and he did just my tips even ripping off my photo virtually taking the same with his more expensive camera without even a thank you.

Warning -- if you don't say yes to this type they trash you to anyone stupid enough to listen and again why not ask the misogynist why would you say that about her? Just so they have to listen to their own answer. Women don't want a big baby and a little baby...this is beyond childish...it is disturbing.

Oh, and X, an X bigger admiring fan told me he went to bed for two days and cried his heart out when I exuded admiration but it wasn't for him. X makes me feel like a rock star and he is a very unhappy groupie turned stalker...when he isn't bad mouthing...I just don't know who would really care to listen except someone like him....

I sent a link of the photo to the NYPD to illustrate that it is he that is obsessed with me and I am sure he has other photos of me as well.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Suzannah B. Troy's new YouTube on Mike Bloomberg telling her on the John Gambling show just a few people feel the way she does. Wrong and much more...

This is posted on my other blogs but this for this blog -- let us focus on how women are erased and why. If you are not a member of the boy's club this is what happens to you...

If you read down far enough you will see I refer to Filomena Silvestri -- and there is a link to her bakery "Whole Earth Bakery and Kitchen" and a rally to save the store from eviction...

No where in the article from The Villager is she mentioned although the store existed because of her created the store along with her son Peter. Many of the most loved recipes were hers. When I spoke of her knowing before she died at 94 -- she died knowing we won a small victory -- her bakery/kitchen would not be thrown out on the street.

The crowd in the freezing cold cheered so loudly for her and the fact she lived so long.

I told the community she died knowing you fought for her! You made the difference but the reporter and The Villager erased her and me. I demanded the fix that but John Sutter and Lincoln Anderson would refuse to do so.

Months earlier I did get Lincoln Anderson to report she had died and he used my term "Vegan Earth Mom"

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGfJpJQURecMy new YouTube -- I give you a link in text portion to the John Gambling Show where I confronted the mayor. He wrongly tells me "just a few people" feel the way Suzannah feels --
the election proved him wrong.

(The above YouTube covers the media, the Yankees, Pedro Espada, Monteserrate, higher taxes and much more....)
I also point out the way The Villager thru their sister paper Chelsea News removes a link from Dec. 2006 of a city council task force meeting that Christine Quinn did not attend on DOB where my photo was taken wearing my protest art shirt I made admonishing Bloomberg for way too rapid development and deaths... Quinn's district is Chelsea and how convenient that link with her missing in action vanished.

Quinn did not or could not show up Oddo chaired in her place -- a big turn out also at that meeting against Trump's development at Spring and Varrick.
Quinn did not fight Trump on behalf of community.

I believe John Sutter was involved in air sale -- his paper denies this but the building where he lives was involved in air sale. His paper states he did not profit but it sounds that it was in his best interest pre- during and post the sale for that sale to happen.

I captured a series of YouTubes of NYU and The Villager turning away people but somehow Quinn's supporters made it all to the front of the line. The Villager and NYU endorsed Quinn and John Sexton ran down to City Hall to testify Bloomberg had to stay in office.

Here is the link Chelsea Now made disappear and in my opinion they did this to aid Christine Quinn who they endorsed. http://www.chelseanow.com/cn_12/builtupcomplaintssome.html Click on the link and it is gone. Here is the link to the same article http://www.thevillager.com/villager_189/builtupcomplaintscome.html but they made sure not to post the powerful photo by Jefferson Siegel -- note my shirt says "city wide" over my tummy so there I am documented way ahead of the even more horror to come so much so finally the mayor starts to say what many of us had been saying "safety first".

I have pointed out many times The Villager deleted me and Filomena Silvestri may she rest in peace:
FYI -- I demanded community out reach resource centers in every mega dorm at rally for Whole Earth Bakery. I also was the only speaker to honor Filomena Silvestri's memory and the fact she died at 94 knowing we one a mini-miracle -- her vegetarian bakery owned by her and her son Peter would not be thrown out on the street -- at least for now.
I was erased. I wanted pressure put on NYU and every univeristy with mega dorms using the term "community facility" to actually help our communities including small businesses. I was told by the assoc. editor of The Villager,the news reporter expressed concerns -- I was forwarded his comment "who does she think she is? Is she running for office." He purposely erased me, Filomena's memory which is ironic because with out her there would have been no Whole Earth Bakery, my demands for community outreach resource centers in every dorm and The Villager and NYU hosting the debate for Quinn and opponents more and more it appears they are in league together. Yes the paper does some nice pieces from time to time but ultimately real estate rules and in the ugliest most destructive ways.

the piece minus Filomena and me demanding NYU and all the mega dorms give us community outreach resource centers.
The assoc. editor did agree to do an obituary on her months prior to the article because I again demanded the editor do so and he used my term "vegan earth mom" but when it came time to do the article she did not exist anymore although the huge turn out on that cold day and the thousands of signed petitions where for her and Peter. She was beyond marginalized but erased.

In the meantime Bloomberg lives in denial. He got a sharp message that had to get his attention after spending the largest money ever to go down in history with the most humiliating win. The media played as diabolical a role not reporting opposition or erasing protestors like myself from events that did not serve their agendas which ultimately are the same as Mike Bloomberg and his friends -- real estate and big business.
The New York Times which I call The New York Eminent Domain Times ran puff page pieces on Mike Bloomberg and socialite mega millionaire city planner.

Bottom line the media period did not want to acknowledge and report protests city wide including my art and the youtube resistance I was a big part of that was key.

I talk about the Yankees and why I am sad and touch on Espada and Monterseratte and

why when Bloomberg says Progress we know it means get your moving vans.




Monday, November 2, 2009

Misogynist NYC - 3 "events" come to mind - one involved someone who identifies with Bloomberg

You won't see three events -- I use the term events loosely on Misogynist NYC blog but there are three and each involved me contacting the NYPD and activist lawyers.

One individual uses the name "Bloomberg" in their moniker....is this someone that receives money from Bloomberg, a campaign staffer or rabid fan? If Misogynist NYC existed earlier I would have posted the comment under the YouTube I made about the rapes and murders of Imette St. Guillen and Jennifer Moore.

More on these "events" for lack of a better word....later.

Also think about the "coincidence" (sarcasm) of me being banned from YouTube for 28 hours before the election although Google did apologize and re-instated me. I am in good standing as acknowledge by Google and YouTube.