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Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube

Google YouTube Misogyny Harassment No Ads allowed Video Bloomberg NYC Rape Epidemic so I remove all ads from YouTube https://www.youtub...

Wikipedia Page Suzannah B. Troy 6 yrs after Misogynist Cyber Vandalism, Censorship via Deletion on a page about Censorship, Bloomberg 3rd term, NYPD Rape Cops Joe Tacopina etc. Wikipedia Agrees to return PDF before Cyber Vandalism and Deletion


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mike Bloomberg ups the price tag on his humiliating underwhelming win by giving out undeserved bonuses to over paid staff members

  • Suzannah B. Troy

    12/30/2009 7:58 AM

    King Mike Bloomberg bought oops won the most humiliating win in NYC history for the most money ever spent which proves democracy is for sale. I made a poster and YouTube "Mayor Bloomberg King of New York" which The NY Post refused to cover although the paper published so many of my letters. The media acted like they were "Team Bloomberg" instead of reporting the news which included city wide protests against Bloomberg & City Council denying us a referendum. It is obscene that he is giving bonuses to people that barely got the job done with unlimited resources to win. Fed Up New Yorkers from all over NYC gathered and we talked about getting a bus "No Third Term for Mike Bloomberg" and that included anyone that voted to extend term limits and drive from borough to borough. If only we had and if only the press had covered opposition Mike would have gone down in history as paying the most money ever with unlimited resources to lose. With so many homeless, people in need--the amount of money he shelled to ruthless campaign people is sickening especially knowing it could have gone to homeless people and school children in need or to a thousand different issues where the city is failing. Bloomberg further humiliates himself by giving out bonuses and raises the price tag on the most humiliating win ever to buy a third term and he could not have gotten done with out Christine Quinn, Mike Jr.'s help and corrupt city council member that have no respect for democracy.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/mike_campaign_bonus_babies_FZiCgjhIF2m6XvLQvSVj7I#comments#ixzz0bB0JQ57u

Monserrate needs to go and why he and Espada are not behind bars is beyond me

Monserrate needs to go and why he and Espada are not behind bars is beyond me

Well done Elizabeth and Kathleen on this important and optimistic report. Let us hope they do begin to care about public trust and the first step is he must go. Gay activists sent me a YouTube where they protest him and ask why he should be allowed to marry but it is asked in a far stronger way.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5NnQWFK3jM I do no understand why Espada and Monserrate are both not in jail for what I believe Monserrate did to his girlfriend they both did with tax payers. Their arrogance and stupidity will cost NY tax payers a fortune and even more people will be forced to leave NY. If only we truly could have transparency, accountability and more successful prosecution of corrupt politicians finding all kinds of creative ways to help themselves to tax payer money. If only guys that rough up women were truly held accountable but politicians, celebrities and the very rich are rarely held accountable - always given a way to wiggle out.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=82926#ixzz0bAgGVCRx

Monday, December 28, 2009

Gay Rights Activists Slam Monterserrate at Christmas Party!!!!! Deeply Moving!!!!!!


19th Precinct -- do you have a billionaire sex offender in your midst?

The upper East Side may have it's first official billionaire sex offender. I am not sure. I don't have the resources of a news reporter but Jeffrey Epstein who may live in the same zip code as Mike Bloomberg may have to register here in NYC as a sex offender for getting busted in Florida.

According to what I have read http://files.wallstreetfolly.com/wordpress/tag/jeffrey-epstein/ the Feds sprung Epstein early so another "bail out" for a white collar guy that is less than ethical but the Feds think they need his help to dissect the Bear Stearns debacle. I wonder what his mentor Ace Greenberg would have to say about this or Leslie Wexner? I would like to ask them and a bevy of billionaires, ex-Prez Bill Clinton and our very own DA, "Morgy" for a comment. Epstein gives Hilary Clinton a big donation. http://www.newsmeat.com/billionaire_political_donations/Jeffrey_Epstein.php I don't understand, according to this link he gave Hilary Clinton $20,000 dollars for NY State senate run 2000?

Epstein got a sweet heart deal according to this article. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/09/17/egg-shaped-penis-jeffrey_n_290464.html There is video on this link and it is clear Epstein doesn't like the way he is treated, a man with a double standard...

Ghislaine Maxwell is described as recruiting an underage girl for Jeffrey Epstein in this article so in theory doesn't that qualify her for registering as a sex offender as well? http://www.palmbeachdailynews.com/news/content/news/2009/07/15/epstein071609.html

Epstein is not done attempting to degrade and inflict pain on his victims. Misogynists celebrate his antics and claim these young women are no victims but they are and Epstein is going out of his way to make Tiger Woods look sexually mature, down right kind and like a humanitarian.

Lucky for Woody Allen that he never took the young woman that was the daughter of his long term partner Mia Farrow to a Knick game in Florida. When the news broke about Mia Farrow finding photos of Soon Yi she nude left out by Woody Allen as if he wanted to be discovered by Farrow, the general public's first reaction was to say that Mia Farrow was crazy but in fact she was not only sane but she and her family, her children all very deeply violated by a man they invited in to their home and trusted as if he was a husband and "father" figure.

So New York City being NYC, Woody Allen was able to wait x amount of time and marry Soon Yi. Of course not even Woody Allen's biological son by Mia Farrow will speak to him but lucky for Woody Allen he was not tried and prosecuted and made to register as a sex offender. See this link for a website that states Woody Allen is a pedophile. http://judicial-inc.biz/woody_allen_with_mia_farrow.htm This site at the bottom points out that Woody Allen and his step-daughter wife are still on the A list for parties and events.
My thoughts...Ahhh New York is a hell of a town and lucky for the A-list that so far they are above the law!

If not so, Allen might be joining Epstein on the app (application) called "Offender Locator" that carries the name, address and photo of sex offenders. Apple's app store has a version that is free.

Her story is heartbreaking and she has a very good reason not to tolerate predators...read her story.

Murray Weiss's piece on a Police Officer who knows first hand about sex offenders and why they need to be behind bars


Saturday, December 26, 2009

garbageland vs. Beautiful World

girls and women tend to be givers and fix-er ups....
but there is too much misogyny --
so often you read the question -- why was she with him -- this bad man that ended up murdering her...

Someone girls and women get they notion the can heal or believe there is possible redemption for almost everyone...

and there are women out there as hateful and destructive as these men...

society judges women far more harshly than men and even blame them for violence wrought against them...

Toxic waste people are like energy vampires-- scale wise them down to -- mosquitos -- that want to waste your time and if you do think about them than you are living in garbage land.

When I am harassed I contact as many people as possible and that includes the legal departments involved, law enforcement, lawyers and as you can see write about it in vague ways.

Than I have to remind myself to not think about it. Thinking about it is agreeing to live in garbageland.

I just look around me and see everything beautiful in detail.
There is so much beautiful to see and there are good people I call friends.

YouTube is the place for some really mentally ill misogynists

This morning I blocked a YouTuber that I can only describe as a very lonely misogynist who has nothing to do this holiday season but find some woman to harass on YouTube.

I have asked YouTube to design software that can locate people jumping from channel to channel that shuts them down when you continual block them.

YouTube Google knows who these people are but the goal is a software to shut them down right away each time they move to another identity.

The good news is harassing people on the internet is aggravated harassment and that means jail time.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Pregnant Street

I was reading Invisible Heroes...difficult to read...heart breaking and horrifying stories....tools for healing emphasizing use of the imagination....

I feel asleep....deep deep sleep....dreamt I was somewhere like Grand Central Station -- an office, my Mom tells me she found a place -- it is much bigger than mine...I ask her where is it? She says on Pregnant St. I think that is a street in China Town...downtown but for some reason it is mid-town. Much less expensive and bigger than my home but it is not for me. My Mom doesn't buy it either.

Woke up...

My letter published in the ARTS section The New York Times re: Women and how far we have not come


To the Editor:

Re ''What Women Want to Watch'' by Susan Dominus [Aug. 29]:

Mae West for President!

In some cultures women are forced to cover their bodies from head to toe; in ours we are covered from head to toe in shame, guilt, fear and self-rejection.

For all the modernization and freedom we enjoy, Mae West still seems to be from the future. Until we can feel comfortable with our bodies -- and understand that they come in one size only: beautiful -- we will be impeded from enjoying our sexuality.

New York

Globally women deal with violence of all kinds from verbal to the worst kind...the worst place maybe the Congo-Oprah coves a show on healing


Heal Africa

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Invisible Heroes Survivors of Trauma and how they heal


Girls not for sale -- after having to write about Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell I turn to Sinead O'Connor's song to raise $$$ girlsnotforsale


This is to Mother you....
The song by Sinead O'Connor is one of my favorites and she joins with Mary J. Blige and Martha B so when an Epstein or Maxwell come calling -- don't go there....hang up the phone.

I turn to "This is to Mother You" and I rejoice knowing I bought it on Itunes and the money goes to help protect girls here in America and abroad.
I love this song and moves me even more to know money goes to charity to help protect girls. To a NYC, a NY, a USA and Global world where the exploitation and misogyny is no more.

Note: I told you I bought Sinead O'Connor's song This is to Mother You on Itunes. It was a different version and Mary J. Blige and Martha B. join her in this version and O'Connor donated the song to charity to help raise money to protect girls here in American and abroad from exploitation of all un-kinds and the worst kind. http://www.sinead-oconnor.com/home/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=289:new-version-of-qthis-is-to-mother-youq-with-sinead-and-mary-j-blige&catid=3:newsflash

Jeffrey Epstein -- has he learned his lesson or will he do more time behind bars? Hubris, arrogance lack of remorse = more jail time down the road

Jeffrey Epstein makes Tiger Woods look sexually mature and kind to women.

Only Jeffrey Epstein could make Tiger Woods look like a class act that knows how to treat a woman. There is one set of laws for the people and one for the rich. Epstein was confident he was above the law and even though he served time it sounds like he has not learned his lesson. Does this mean we will be seeing him on the app for sexual predators. If so that makes him the first billionaire to break that barrier.

Read more:http://www.nydailynews.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=82470#ixzz0abZnk7P9

Ghislaine Maxwell responsible for Epstein's entertainment? Working for him has been fortuitous. Maxwell is quite the girl friday-- read details below in article.... http://www.palmbeachdailynews.com/news/content/news/2009/07/15/epstein071609.html

Do you think Mort Zuckerman was given a heads up about Epstein and decided who cares -- let us invest money together in a magazine.

The magazine was a losing proposition.

Leslie Wexner, Is it okay as long as he doesn't mess with your daughters, right?

Epstein is good at making lots of money but somehow it doesn't seem like a winning proposition.

Billionaire friends of Epstein.....?
Ace Greenbergy?
Leslie Wexner?
Mort Zuckerman?
Ron Perelman?
Mike Bloomberg?
Donald Trump?

I would like to ask them if they had any idea about Epstein and Company?
A young woman told me her friend was photographed at a party and it turned out the photo was shown to Trump and next thing you know she was invited to parties...these guys like pretty young women at parties but they are not at the Playboy mansion where "the rules" are clearly defined. I guess it is all okay as long as it is not their daughters. I have not heard Donald Trump defending Jeffrey Epstein but I guessing Trump is in his corner.

Epstein served time but it sure sounds like he has zero remorse and is unwilling to take responsibility. Why should he?

Do you think he will end up in the jail for a 2nd time?

Until he is willing to take responsibility -- hmmm -- the answer is yes. He won't get busted in NYC anytime soon but yes my guess is he will end up behind bars again. Lack of remorse, hubris = more jail time to come for Jeffrey Epstein for sure.

I do not believe Epstein will ever take responsibility for his more than creepy behavior and I do believe he will end up in jail again with no more wiggle room to negotiate time off for good behavior.

Do you think Bill Clinton will continue to accept free rides on his private jet?

Yes, I think Bill Clinton and pals will still travel with him when offered a free ride as many have.

People knew but they did not care including those who would come a knocking asking money for their charities and they will keep on knocking and asking for money for their charities.

Just so you know typical of every abuser -- Jeffrey Epstein claims to be the victim. Remember how Bill Clinton lied about the intern that he lead on and gave gifts to even trying to paint her as stalker rather than own up to the truth.


http://cityfile.com/dailyfile/6615 Jeffrey Epstein described as creepy mogul reuniting with sex slave after getting out of jail early.

In one article above Epstein makes comments about buying a woman from abroad....it is not a joking matter.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Are you grossed out by that male that spreads his legs so wide that he takes up 2 seats on the subway and what is his problem legs akimbo?


Police are looking for man who abducted a teenage girl in Queens


Please click link above to see sketch:The suspect grabbed the girl from behind and attempted to push her into the back seat of a dark colored car, according to police. The victim was able to get free and run to a school were she reported the incident.

This all happened around 8:20 a.m. Tuesday near the intersection of 67 Avenue and Yellowstone Blvd. in Rego Park, according to police.

Left: Sketch of suspect provided by NYPD

The suspect is described as 5'10", approx 150lbs., and was wearing a brown Gucci baseball hat, a dark jacket with gray hooded sweatshirt, and blue jeans.

Anyone with information in regards to this incident is asked to call Crime stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477). The public can also submit their tips by logging onto the Crime stoppers website at WWW.NYPDCRIMESTOPPERS.COM or by texting their tips to 274637 (CRIMES) then enter TIP577. All calls are strictly confidential.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Next will be the Tiger Woods porno movies--his kids will never live this down and I feel sorry for them -- Tiger's billion dollar brand is sunk

The NY Daily News publishes the most pathetic piece ever by a young woman who thinks defining Woods destructive behavior as "sex addict" some how excuses the behavior. How much did she get paid for this piece and is she connected by family or friends to Mort Zuckerman, the owner of The NY Daily News?

I wrote her and the paper this....

Please tell me how much you got paid to write this piece? I want to know.

Just because Tiger is labeled as "sex addict" doesn't mean anyone is excusing his behavior. In fact most people are not excusing it! He apologized to protect his almost billionaire "brand" and the women he committed adultery with are not excusing it and the majority are going to cash in on it because they want to make big bucks and there isn't a lot of ways to make big bucks especially for women unless it is demeaning oneself. Than apparently newspapers including this one will happily cover any scandal.

No one is excusing "sex addiction" or any addiction and they point is addicts are willing to destroy their lives, loved ones, etc. to get the next thrill.

You in fact got paid x amount of money to talk about this very sick twisted man. I am sorry but when I read your piece I couldn't help but think your parents or someone in your life is connected and that is how you got your "piece" in the paper.

Mort's rag has published many of my letters but when I did a brilliant art poster lampooning Mike Bloomberg the paper would not cover it. If I had slept with Tiger Woods, given Bill Clinton oral sex or been gang raped and murdered than the daily news would have written quite a bit about me but anything powerful -- actually brilliant-- forget about it. Note: I sent this email to the author and newspaper with the poster lampooning Mike Bloomberg that the NY Daily News somehow refused to cover. The poster was brilliant and right on the money.

with disgust,
Suzannah B. Troy
ps Mike Lupica stating men wish they could do what Tiger did -- explain -- Mike is a father -- what if his daughter had sex with Tiger and was flown all over, been given cash payments and her photo posted with many others -- it is okay for Lupica because he is confident his daughter would not make this mistake. What guy would envy having sex with a lot of women that are there for "it" for the money and association that comes with his success and this has all greatly harmed his daughter and son and will be very hard for them to deal with as they grow up -- so what is too envy.....Lupica seems like a nice man but really his reasoning is frightening...

This guy has destroyed his family and he sounds like he is addicted to ambien and other substances -- we may see an over dose on some prescribed drugs coming soon.....

Folks: A local blogger who has used my lead to cover local characters (one example -- when Cooper Union kicked Jim Mosaic Man's art to the curb) and goings on but turned on me because I would not be his girlfiend and have his baby (FYI we never got to first base) refused to photograph my poster and post it but did his best to capture a less than flattering photo of me as if I was Britney Spears but I am not and post it....What a mysognist world with real sick guys....really repulsive...you don't have to be a rich man to be vile and attempt to exploit women and be destructive to people....Woods was extremely destructive to his family but to everyone that did business and invested in him. Woods had enablers some even kidding themselves they were or are his friends but most benefiting from his Tiger Woods Brand.
Bottom line are they are a lot of very lonely and pathetic guys out there that are destructive...the newest on my list is a married man that has harassed me. I am guessing harassing me is more important than spending quality time with his wife and family. Scary, repulsive sick stuff...proof it is not just the uber rich bad boys...

Monday, December 7, 2009

NYPost runs pathetic piece that defends Tiger Woods and calls him handsome -- hello welcome to Misogynist NY author from England global epidemic

I could not find the article on line so I posted on two other Woods piece on NYPost website.

First of all Mr. Murdoch, how can you charge for a website where the search engine and website are awful? I wanted to find the pathetic piece published in today's paper from England by a friend of Woods that underscores how enablers assisted this train wreck. First the author describes Woods as handsome--get real. His mega bucks and fame were the lure and he puts down these women's looks. The women are better looking than Woods except for the hideous breast implants on some and collagen lips. When a woman has a baby or two -- her sex drive drops and it is chemical. It takes extra work on the part of the man to arouse her. It is hormones in place to make sure the baby is no. 1 but it can be worked through. Put a woman down and she will not want to have sex with you. Cheaters often do this so they can rationalize cheating. Woods sounds like an ego-manical sex addict that wanted to get caught and all his enablers by telling him how great looking he is, tolerating his temper tantrums helped to aid this train wreck and the children are the victims here. The wife needs to divorce him and take the kids as far away from the mega-wealth and glitz here in the USA. Tiger Woods is a "brand" and he was willing to apologize to protect his investment but if the report is true he blamed his wife for ruining Thanksgiving -- he is a typical abuser that blames the women which underscore the misogynist world we live in. These women are going to earn big bucks by telling it all -- kind of like acceptable porn and again it seems one of the few ways women can earn money. Again I feel most sorry for the children and I find Woods unattractive and his behavior extremely destructive.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/national/he_nonperson_on_nbc_HMizrjJWavVh5NKZ9koGJP#comments#ixzz0Z1CxS3Ni

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Stalker alert in the flesh or on the internet

Theoretical -- lets say I go some place and I know in the past photos have been taken of me without my knowledge and even "one" has been posted on a blog and let us face it, I am not Britney Spears, the photographer is not making money yet he has an investment like he is...
You send the link to the NYPD...let us say you are out and you happen to see him, last time you had no idea he was around but this time you spot him and he has a big lens -- maybe he got a photo of you without your knowledge maybe he did not -- you immediately email people in "your safety network" -- if you don't have email capacity make sure you note the time, place and tell as many people as possible. If the stalker posts it in a place you can see it -- take the link but also capture the page on email people in your safety network.

The same for online stalking which can be done in many different ways and the more people you make part of your safety network the better...if possible law enforcement, check with the internet for resources, lawyers, the laws on cyber stalking are changing and the seriousness being recognized so flesh or internet...create a safety network and keep a record. Ask the police if they have a list of resources to direct. Look on the internet as well for resources.

Contact any resources, legal departments, flag etc. If you ask someone to please leave you alone and they don't that is something to be concerned about and reach out to your safety network. Make sure to contact the NYPD and ask them as many questions as possible to understand the law and what are rights to basic safety and try to expand your safety network and your resources as much as possible.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The 2 rape cops from the East Village are being sued by the victim and she is suing the City of New York as well


Monster that attacked and robbed 101 year old Granny will rot in jail...he preyed on seniors


There are good men out there!!!!!! But there is a "climate" that seems to encourage misogyny, anyway praise for the good men

I have a YouTube friend that is quite young and male. He is a good young man. He was looking for the words to describe a hateful communiqué on YouTube and even a man that attempted to defend "it" and he couldn't find the word...I told the young man the word is "misogynist".

I have concerns -- had them for years regarding being harassed and worse and there are several male newsreporters I keep in the loop. It makes me feel safer that they know.

If you have concerns about your safety I urge you to contact the police. Also tell all your friends. Please stay very connected with them. Anyone that can walk you in and out of any place you don't feel safe -- please make sure you ask them for help. There are amazingly brave senior citizen activists that will walk with you. If you can't find a friend, remember you cel phone may have video capacity and or just call the police and tell them you are afraid. Do not risk your safety.

There are good men out there and I know that.

On a rainy day like today, I was rushing up the subway steps and a young man ran up the stairs and yelled after me...he had my umbrella and he gave it to me. He wasn't carrying one. He could have kept it for himself so he was so good and selfless.

When I talk about misogynistnyc it is a climate that invites violence starting with verbal trash talk, intimidation on the streets, in our lobbies, elevators even sadly in women's home and it can escalate but I have to remind myself and any new readers please know there are good men out there.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Golf Mag coming out with Tiger and Pres. Obama on the cover -- 10 tips Tiger has for President Obama!!!!!!!


What Can Obama Learn From Tiger?

President Obama is standing by Tiger Woods.

Well, the president is actually kneeling by him as he appears with Mr. Woods on the cover of January’s Golf Digest magazine.Golf Digest Cover with Tiger Woods and Barack Obama.

"10 Tips Obama Can Take From Tiger," the bold headline says.

Dear President Obama:

Do not take any tips from Tiger Woods.

Thank you.

Laura Garza is not forgotten, her family cries out DO NOT LET SUSPECT GO! Good for NYDaily News for covering this story, we have to remember Laura

Please keep covering this story as much as possible to keep the pressure on to find her body and to put the murderer behind bars for life. Do not forget Jennifer Moore who was under age and Imette St. Guillen. To all females NYC, please be on your guard, I don't care if they are wearing a 1,000 dollar suit or a uniform, do not drink to much and go out with a friend, agree to see each other home safely. Do not leave your drinks unattended and be no your guard. No woman should die this way and the fact the murderer went to great lengths to hide Laura Garza makes me thinks she fought hard for her life. I am posting on my blog MisogynistNYC. Until society steps up the anti-women culture violence will not go away. Thanks, Suzannah B. Troy

Read more:http://www.nydailynews.com/news/ny_crime/2009/12/02/2009-12-02_dont_let_susp_go_cry_missing_womans_kin.html?r=ny_local&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+nydnrss%2Fny_local+%28NY+Local%29#ixzz0YZlhfURR

I have done a series on violence towards women and girls NYC on my blog http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/ including Tina Negron and so many others. I have also made YouTubes and even attempt to read a poem I wrote called Female Genocide.

Misogyny in Public Spaces


So honored to find my writing and art posted on this blog.

How ironic she picked my art work that I gave to someone who turned out to be a misogynist.
Oh well....

I gave copies of the art to many community members that felt simpatico and another version to yet another man that was oh well you guested it a misogynist...

I never dated any of they guys but I thought they cared about the community which I angrily but with dark humor talk about in my art...which on a subtle level takes on sexual politics as well for the over achiever.

Patriarchal society breeds misogyny, power tripping -- power trips at the expense of women...no intimacy required....

Tiger Woods is an unattractive man minus the money, what is it w/ unattractive guys w/money and without?

First I have to say I feel sorry for Tiger Woods kids. Second Tiger Woods is one of many men that if he did not have the big bucks would not be given the time of day by these women including his wife. If hearsay is accurate, she was less than impressed with him when he first expressed interest in her.

I have been cyber stalked, slandered, lied about and trashed and it tends be overwhelming male and they tend to be really unattractive guys. Some are married, some single, some rich, some not but they I believe are all misogynists and thank goodness I am not married to them or have a relationship. I do not care about them and their existence means nothing to me until I start getting disturbing missives which -- one: are alarming and two: makes me think about them and I think how repulsive and vile they are. If they had left me alone than I would never have known what truly gross creatures they are posing as humans.

It is amazing how men can talk about women and or their body parts, sometimes a lot of smoke and mirrors but it seems these type of men really don't like women very much at all or themselves. Talking about them, weighing them, objectifying them and cruel games make them feel somehow powerful. One example...Howard Stern who is extremely unattractive yet gets off on judging women -- all who are infinitely better looking than he and his punishment is he has two daughters. You think having daughters would make him somehow more sensitive to women but it hasn't, at least the last time I tuned in and that was a long time ago.

Barbie Doll Syndrome...they are adult men that want to play Barbie and dick-tate how Barbie should dress, what she should say or shouldn't mostly shouldn't. Barbie should know her place and mostly that is in a subservient demeaned state with no voice, no brains...purely cosmetic....as in object, pretty but sadly women that do do that dance look like they have had a lot of cosmetic surgery and wear a lot of cosmetics.

How ironic little girls play with Barbie dolls and adult men want to play with living breathing barbie dolls of their making.

Not to be the misogynist's barbie is to be the object of their rage and apparently they have a lot of pent up rage.

If they can't date you and control you with money and power than low income ones will try and control you other ways. I learned how to blog -- well partially blog from a man that apparently wanted me to be his barbie...no brains, no voice, no sensory receptors...he had it in his mind to give me a script and I was suppose to speak his lines....in his twisted mind he decided to teach me half of how to blog and I would have to come back to learn the other half from him -- it was a creepy power trip and I confronted him and he agreed he was doing that but he said I made him angry. I went to a cyber cafe and a staff member there taught me the rest of what I needed to learn to use blogger. The story is worse than that and he liked to tell people a lie that I was obsessed with him but oops he is the one with all the photos of me including the newest one taken in Tompkins Square Park when I had no idea he was around and he posted on his blog which is double creepy. How many photos has he taken that I was not aware of and did not post on his blog? I have no photos of him. I don't want any. I do not find him attractive. My point, even low income guys can be creepy, angry spiteful control freaks so look out and if they are offering to help you with anything they are most likely not sincere at all.

Also why do men blame women or project their crap or fantasies on to us? Deep seeded guilt and blaming the woman gives the man "relief", makes them feel powerful...rejection hurts their ego and striking out in destructive ways makes them feel some how powerful and in control although it is illusion. Toxic waste misogynist behavior is much more about compensating for feelings of powerlessness.

NYC is filled with really unattractive men and NYC is filled with the most beautiful diverse women on the planet of every shape, size and color and the high percentage of them are beautiful. Many really sweet, good women go out with bad guys...even ugly guys...why? Bad guys are a challenge, fixer uppers, women are too compassionate and there aren't many if any good single guys out there.

Even the ugly ones think they are Romeo so look out and there are far more men than women so look out. The odds are in men's favor.

A beautiful woman said she never found Tiger Woods attractive at all and she imagined because he was so unattractive that that would in fact make him a good husband...she assumed he would not cheat. Wrong. Even the fattest, most unattractive guys to the homeliest think they are Rock Hudson for the older crowd although he was gay or Brad Pitt.

The odds are in their favor because there are more males than females and around the globe it is a patriarchal structure that favors men having and abusing power.

Note there are good men and there are men that are fat, homely etc. that have beautiful souls and that makes them very attractive....how you treat a person is a deal breaker...the nicer you treat a woman the more attractive. There are some men so gifted with stunning looks that are so empty or repulsive they make the Elephant Man look like a prince.

Tiger Woods is taking the blame where most men not only refuse to take the blame but blame women for just about everything. Tiger would has a mega-million dollar motivation on taking the blame and apologizing and it has nothing to do with being a good human being, good husband, father which are all in doubt but everything to do with being a mega million dollar brand on his way to possibly becoming the first athlete "brand" to bust the billion dollar mark.

Tiger Woods' behavior is gross and thank goodness I am not married to him. I don't date married men. I can be friends with them but I don't date them but I understand why it might be hard for some of those women to turn him down or for others to pursue him. I am repulsed and most of all sorry for his children.

Note: Andy Warhol gave us the term "15 minutes of fame" and perhaps was the creator of "The Brand". When you talk about Tiger Woods and his indiscretions it all gets down to "brand" not his kids...it is about $$$$

Will this hurt "Tiger Woods" -- "the brand" and his 100 million plus earnings this year...? No, not at all. I never bought any Tiger Woods item and I am not about to either.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Woman raped by guest who also robbed her of TV & electronics E. Village NYDaily News p22 Nov. 28

Novemember 28, The NY Daily News page 22 An East Village woman was sexually assaulted and robbed last week, cops said.

The young woman brought the man to her 14th St. home near Avenue B around 4am Sunday, when he raped her and stole her television and other electronic equipment.

The suspectt is described as 6 feet tall, about 25 years old.

Anyone with information please call crime stoppers 1800-577 Tips

Sunday, November 22, 2009

misogyny comes from self hate why the most unattractive men are the most judgmental of women

Have you ever noticed the men that tend to "weigh" women, judge them, rate them, pick on them tend to be the most unattractive, often grossly over weight men...even the men that come in pretty packages that tend to be very judgmental of women are like teapots filled to the brim under a hot fire but what is steaming out is their own self rejection that they artfully project on to women....

what a release of tension to dump on a woman when they feel so out of control of some very unpleasant feelings they happen t have....uh huh...about themselves and they don't want to confront those feelings so it is easier to project them forward on an outside object usually a woman and "beat her up" try and control her put her down...it is a down right vacation from their own self hate.

Same with these kids and young men running around with guns shooting them and if they did not have guns, it is knives, razors -- bottom line -- they are tuned in to the "hate" channel and better to hate and blame anyone than get to the root of what is really their own discontent...and that is putting it mildly.

Women fall in to this category as well but guess what -- they would rather dump on women or girls just like misogynist men go figure.

There is something wrong with the "men-tality" machismo you find in NYC these days and it's male and females members and they can be found in offices as easily as in the streets....

the entire city needs conscious raising....

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Too high a threshold for violence, misogyny NYC, notice the guns tend to be in the hands of males and victims tend to be females...


There is way too high a threshold for violence and so many of us here in NYC live it every day on the "lowest grade" being victimized with words, etc. Even something as emails I have posted by an associate editor of a local rag are unacceptable and in a real newspaper the staff member would be fired but the bottom line is violence towards women in treating them badly in any shape and form is acceptable unless bullets fly. Than people pay attention.

These boys are part of a gang but in NYC it is men of all colors and background that are confident they can get away with any type of disrespectful hateful behavior they want as long as they don't murder anyone. They are women that are just as bad and part of the "club".

When it comes to these gun fights on the streets of New York they are almost always men or boys with guns and the random victims that tend to be in the wrong place at the wrong time be it their living room, in front of their homes with their children or a play ground with their grandchild are women.

I had such awful treatment I can only define as misogynist in the lobby of m ex-home and all I can say is welcome to Misogynist NYC. Girls and Women live in a hostile environment where bullets of abusive words can hit you or real life bullets from simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time...including on your living room couch watching tv.

The violence is unacceptable. The lack of respect for humanity and community unacceptable and as you all know the blatant misogyny is more so because it doesn't seem to register so how can we address what is unacceptable when society will not even acknowledge misogyny.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Boys will be boys how did they get guns and even worse have no respect for human life, zero empathy and no sense of community?



Yes, they have guns and zero respect for life and community. They have no empathy or remorse.

I have list of names of victims, their ages and the fact that some of their murderers have not been caught...

I use the word murder the NYPost uses the word "killed" -- if I don't say unsolved the NYPD made an arrest....

I can't wade through the nypost's website to give you link...the post's website is the worst. If you are searching for anything on the nypost and nydaily news websites...good luck...

I can't find the list of photos of victims and link but they are mentioned in the article above....
From NY Post -- If I had the link you could see their photos which is more moving
Nyasia Pryear age 17 killed Jan. 18 unsolved murder
Christopher Owen age 12 killed April 26 unsolved murder
Diamond Flowers age 5 wounded May 28 unsolved
Davonte Kelly age 11 wounded June 7 unsolved
Jesselle Page age 44 murdered June 10 + Jesselle Page was gunned down in front of her 8 year old grand nephew
Anna Surman age 87 murdered Aug 2 unsolved shot as she stepped outside to feed neighborhood cats
Aisha Santiago age 25 murdered Sept. 25 murdered in front of her 9 year old son -- they happen to get caught in gang gun fire
Kevin Miller age 13 Oct. 2 walking home from school.

Sadie Mitchell 92 years old murdered Oct. 20 MURDERED sitting in her home watching tv -- a stray bullet went through her window.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mayor Mike Bloomberg speaks "fluent misogynist at City Hall"

Page 124 Mike Bloomberg, Money Power Politics by Joyce Purnik, she points out Mike Bloomberg's inability to control his mouth -- he couldn't contain uttering "nice ////" at the "bull pen" at City Hall... she quotes a top aide as saying he just couldn't help himself. Underscores my reference to John Berger's Ways of Seeing and what most people missed ----visually I am talking about the male gaze - visual power grab, just like real estate & financial...reading the mayor's comments was GROSS!!!

The misogynist track record is gross but I thought I would just highlight this one because it would do it over and over at work at City Hall and my YouTubes parody this "MENtality" although few people "got it".

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

X is severely over weight older man, dyes his hair & treats me like Britney and he is the paparazzi

I used to do a stand up comedy routine about "babies" and I would list my prospective focus groups...just comedy, fun...I had no idea someone was listening like a court stenographer.

X a blogger gave me a photo of the hawk -- a large print so I sad oops said -- it is very sad thought....let me take you to dinner. Sad is that I wanted to treat him to dinner not knowing his agendas and when I did not jump through his hoops the retaliation...on going along with the countless put downs to anyone one who would listen...

I am treating him to dinner , a much older man and he pops the baby question...we have never dated, kissed nothing. I am not attracted to him because he is too old and after a series of extremely unkind actions that have made him unattractive to me. He asked me to have his baby. I said no. He dumped on me but I never imagined how much he took for granted besides allowing me to treat him -- perhaps a metaphor for our "supposedly future" relationship he had in mind.

Note: He did once lean over and kiss me on the cheek but it was unrequited and it reminded me of this homeless man that kissed me before he was taken away in an ambulance wet and smelled like alcohol. I did not like...
Because I rejected him I was to be the focus on disparaging comments and flat out lies. The newest misdeed is he took a photo of me with out my knowledge which made me feel like Britney Spears...he did his best to make me look as unattractive as possible. I am nearly 50 years old but as unattractive as he attempted to make me -- if I bothered to mimic his behavior and stalk him and take photos of him from behind without his knowledge -- I could show you a far more unattractive photos of him. It is hard to believe I did not seem him or was he using an extra long lens? Note: The photo -- It is my back -- as symbolic as behind my back -- his modus of operand-us -- I am dead center and I guess looking at it you can tell I dye my hair too.

It is creepy to be stalked like a celebrity but I am not one and no one will pay him for the photo. Just has value to him and his fellow misogynists pals. One such pal harassed me so much after I had asked him to leave me alone I took all his emails to the NYPD and filed an aggravated harassment complaint. They can enjoy the photo at the next Misogynist club if they haven't already.

Beside the fantasy he indulged of me having his baby, he had one that I am obsessed with him yet he is the one with photos of me and seems to enjoy stalking me.

Funny but he dyes his hair and attempts to grow a beard like a radical photographer I admire but he is no radical. I had given this blogger some information regarding one of his favorite subjects a homeless artist and he did just my tips even ripping off my photo virtually taking the same with his more expensive camera without even a thank you.

Warning -- if you don't say yes to this type they trash you to anyone stupid enough to listen and again why not ask the misogynist why would you say that about her? Just so they have to listen to their own answer. Women don't want a big baby and a little baby...this is beyond childish...it is disturbing.

Oh, and X, an X bigger admiring fan told me he went to bed for two days and cried his heart out when I exuded admiration but it wasn't for him. X makes me feel like a rock star and he is a very unhappy groupie turned stalker...when he isn't bad mouthing...I just don't know who would really care to listen except someone like him....

I sent a link of the photo to the NYPD to illustrate that it is he that is obsessed with me and I am sure he has other photos of me as well.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Suzannah B. Troy's new YouTube on Mike Bloomberg telling her on the John Gambling show just a few people feel the way she does. Wrong and much more...

This is posted on my other blogs but this for this blog -- let us focus on how women are erased and why. If you are not a member of the boy's club this is what happens to you...

If you read down far enough you will see I refer to Filomena Silvestri -- and there is a link to her bakery "Whole Earth Bakery and Kitchen" and a rally to save the store from eviction...

No where in the article from The Villager is she mentioned although the store existed because of her created the store along with her son Peter. Many of the most loved recipes were hers. When I spoke of her knowing before she died at 94 -- she died knowing we won a small victory -- her bakery/kitchen would not be thrown out on the street.

The crowd in the freezing cold cheered so loudly for her and the fact she lived so long.

I told the community she died knowing you fought for her! You made the difference but the reporter and The Villager erased her and me. I demanded the fix that but John Sutter and Lincoln Anderson would refuse to do so.

Months earlier I did get Lincoln Anderson to report she had died and he used my term "Vegan Earth Mom"

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGfJpJQURecMy new YouTube -- I give you a link in text portion to the John Gambling Show where I confronted the mayor. He wrongly tells me "just a few people" feel the way Suzannah feels --
the election proved him wrong.

(The above YouTube covers the media, the Yankees, Pedro Espada, Monteserrate, higher taxes and much more....)
I also point out the way The Villager thru their sister paper Chelsea News removes a link from Dec. 2006 of a city council task force meeting that Christine Quinn did not attend on DOB where my photo was taken wearing my protest art shirt I made admonishing Bloomberg for way too rapid development and deaths... Quinn's district is Chelsea and how convenient that link with her missing in action vanished.

Quinn did not or could not show up Oddo chaired in her place -- a big turn out also at that meeting against Trump's development at Spring and Varrick.
Quinn did not fight Trump on behalf of community.

I believe John Sutter was involved in air sale -- his paper denies this but the building where he lives was involved in air sale. His paper states he did not profit but it sounds that it was in his best interest pre- during and post the sale for that sale to happen.

I captured a series of YouTubes of NYU and The Villager turning away people but somehow Quinn's supporters made it all to the front of the line. The Villager and NYU endorsed Quinn and John Sexton ran down to City Hall to testify Bloomberg had to stay in office.

Here is the link Chelsea Now made disappear and in my opinion they did this to aid Christine Quinn who they endorsed. http://www.chelseanow.com/cn_12/builtupcomplaintssome.html Click on the link and it is gone. Here is the link to the same article http://www.thevillager.com/villager_189/builtupcomplaintscome.html but they made sure not to post the powerful photo by Jefferson Siegel -- note my shirt says "city wide" over my tummy so there I am documented way ahead of the even more horror to come so much so finally the mayor starts to say what many of us had been saying "safety first".

I have pointed out many times The Villager deleted me and Filomena Silvestri may she rest in peace:
FYI -- I demanded community out reach resource centers in every mega dorm at rally for Whole Earth Bakery. I also was the only speaker to honor Filomena Silvestri's memory and the fact she died at 94 knowing we one a mini-miracle -- her vegetarian bakery owned by her and her son Peter would not be thrown out on the street -- at least for now.
I was erased. I wanted pressure put on NYU and every univeristy with mega dorms using the term "community facility" to actually help our communities including small businesses. I was told by the assoc. editor of The Villager,the news reporter expressed concerns -- I was forwarded his comment "who does she think she is? Is she running for office." He purposely erased me, Filomena's memory which is ironic because with out her there would have been no Whole Earth Bakery, my demands for community outreach resource centers in every dorm and The Villager and NYU hosting the debate for Quinn and opponents more and more it appears they are in league together. Yes the paper does some nice pieces from time to time but ultimately real estate rules and in the ugliest most destructive ways.

the piece minus Filomena and me demanding NYU and all the mega dorms give us community outreach resource centers.
The assoc. editor did agree to do an obituary on her months prior to the article because I again demanded the editor do so and he used my term "vegan earth mom" but when it came time to do the article she did not exist anymore although the huge turn out on that cold day and the thousands of signed petitions where for her and Peter. She was beyond marginalized but erased.

In the meantime Bloomberg lives in denial. He got a sharp message that had to get his attention after spending the largest money ever to go down in history with the most humiliating win. The media played as diabolical a role not reporting opposition or erasing protestors like myself from events that did not serve their agendas which ultimately are the same as Mike Bloomberg and his friends -- real estate and big business.
The New York Times which I call The New York Eminent Domain Times ran puff page pieces on Mike Bloomberg and socialite mega millionaire city planner.

Bottom line the media period did not want to acknowledge and report protests city wide including my art and the youtube resistance I was a big part of that was key.

I talk about the Yankees and why I am sad and touch on Espada and Monterseratte and

why when Bloomberg says Progress we know it means get your moving vans.




Monday, November 2, 2009

Misogynist NYC - 3 "events" come to mind - one involved someone who identifies with Bloomberg

You won't see three events -- I use the term events loosely on Misogynist NYC blog but there are three and each involved me contacting the NYPD and activist lawyers.

One individual uses the name "Bloomberg" in their moniker....is this someone that receives money from Bloomberg, a campaign staffer or rabid fan? If Misogynist NYC existed earlier I would have posted the comment under the YouTube I made about the rapes and murders of Imette St. Guillen and Jennifer Moore.

More on these "events" for lack of a better word....later.

Also think about the "coincidence" (sarcasm) of me being banned from YouTube for 28 hours before the election although Google did apologize and re-instated me. I am in good standing as acknowledge by Google and YouTube.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

NYC rapist Far Rockaway -- rapist doesn't live in a vacuum


The article does not even give you contact info if you have info: NYPD Call 1-800-577-TIPS

Mia Farrow the Rorschach test Misogynist NYC

A somewhat famous writer who even had a powerful film made of her work told me Mia Farrow is crazy when the scandal first broke.

Misogynist NYC leaped to the conclusion that Woody Allen's shocking and disturbing behavior was some how Mia Farrow's madness until the truth could no longer be ignored.

Misogynist and their female club members always blame the woman and call her crazy but the truth can't be ignored.

For East Villagers, we all heard the dish Susan Stetzer was attempting to spread a rumor about an outspoken activist woman being crazy and we all know this activist was on the money about everything she spoke up about.

I myself have received some "unusual missives via the internet" and I have turned them all in to the NYPD and to certain members of the press.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Question for the mayor to make NYC work better for working women...found on ABC news and posted on this blog

To both candidates:
What do you plan to do to make NYC work better for working women? 2 studies released this week underscore continuing inequity, lack of flextime and childcare and the need for new policies. What are your plans?
BNeufeld, Coordinator of the Equal Pay Coalition NYC (34 groups across the 5 boroughs)


My comment was removed. I actually had problems posting but both were removed. I talked about the new yankee stadium emblematic of Bloomberg's new new york -- too much tax payer money to a stadium we did not want and most New Yorkers can't afford. I guess because I urged readers to watch Mayor Bloomberg King of New York they took both down.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Mayor Mike Bloomberg getting Naked

Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton thanks for getting us the vote


We probably still would not have the right to vote if it wasn't for you. Mike Bloomberg needing as many votes as possible would mostly like have given us the right to vote but not for the right reasons...just so he could win.

Where would NYC be without you Susan and Elizabeth?

I wonder as another major election approaches us.

ps I know there are and always were good men that support women in positions in power and want women to have a voice and be empowered.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Misogynistic Mayor Bloomberg and his pal club member Christine Quinn (Not my YouTube)

Misogynist NYC coming soon

Note: My first letter ever published was in The Financial Times. When you see the image of the painting published in the FT and my response and a letter I had published in The New York Times in the Arts section on Women and Porno you will have a context and irony. (The FT letter hit home for me literally.)

My first letter published in The New York Times was about Bruno Schulz art and again I write from my heart and soul as an artist. For the over achiever even that letter will have context.

Coming soon Misogynist NYC...the ugly truth about NYC, not the progressive city the Big Apple pretends to be...more like the Apple in Adam in Eve that comes with the patriarchal blame game attached to it blaming and shaming Eve which doesn't fly.

Geo-sexual politcs: A term I made up to say we ain't equal. http://www.suzannahbtroyartist.com/

http://www.thevillager.com/villager_198/veganaresckenedasfavorite.html In this article -- I was blatantly deleted. The assoc. editor admitted the writer wrote him -- who does she think she is -- is she running for office? He sent me the email from the author. I was the only person to honor Filomena Silvestri's memory -- and I thanked the community for sending her a message with all their work -- signing the petition, Amy Zimmer's piece in Metro and Filomena Silvestri died at 94 knowing her and her son's business were not thrown out on the street. I don't know how you can write about a small business fighting for it's survivial and erase the Earth Mother behind it but leave it to that rag to do so and why?

She was erased and I was erased. I demanded NYU and every mega dorm in the East Village give us community outreach resource centers to help small businesses and the community -- from kids to seniors and homeless. Mysteriously all this and two dynamic women -- Filomena and me erased. Welcome to just one example of Misogynistic NYC -- the boys club and women are club members.

I did hound the editor and I got her obitary written up and "Vegan Earth Mom" were my words but I could never get him to make right a wrong -- a double act of misogyny NYC.

Note: The sign in the subway -- key words "shame" "fear" -- that is right -- the MTA is acknowledging that women are afraid to come forward. Why so much fear and shame.
Women have many reasons to be afraid in Misogynistic NYC and many know they will be blamed by their abuser deflecting or projecting their own guilt and shame on a woman doing so is a vacation. Abusers want their victims afraid because they don't want them to come forward.

So much more to say but I am too tired....if you use your brain and just think about that MTA sign and the words -- there is a lot there....

There is so much more to say and so much to draw upon and talk about.